The speculation for a smart iPhone battery case was in high for long. With the release of iPhone X and iPhone 8, users wondered whether a new battery case would be released for this new iPhone, but nothing was announced and released by Apple. This will change, based on new leaks it hints that the Smart Battery Case for Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone X appears to be edging ever closer to release, after another reference to the accessory was found within iOS 12.

This hasn’t been confirmed by Apple, but the move is expected to happen at some point this year. The latest software version for iOS now shows a new Smart Battery Case icon in the Batteries widget. An intrepid Reddit user discovered the image by jerry-rigging an iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case to work with the iPhone XS.

iPhone X Battery Case discovery from apple

One of the primary changes in the design of the icon is that the chin of the previous case’s design has been removed. Moreover, the design of the icon appears to be similar to that of the past icons. Although nothing is confirmed, reports suggest the iPhone XS battery case could cost £99.

Apple’s first Smart Battery Case was for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and was equipped with a 1,877 mAh battery that protruded out of the back of the case. Apple later released an iPhone 7 version with a similar design but larger 2,365 mAh battery. Both remain available to purchase for $99 in the United States.