One of the largest and most traditional technology fairs of the year already has a date and place set for big technology companies to present some of their main gadgets for the year, as it just started. As always, many rumors and leaks begin to emerge months before the event takes place, allowing us to predict – in parts only – what manufacturers are planning for early 2019.

This year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will once again begin in Las Vegas like before. Among the top news for consumer electronics are announcements of new products capable of capture, playback, and record in 4K resolution, which is expected to become more popular in the coming years and from 2019.

By 2019, we must also have news regarding 8K, the resolution is still higher for today’s smartphone standards, and it can still take a few years to popularize among consumers worldwide. The 4K resolution does not yet have a large availability of products in the homes of users.

But in addition, technology companies like Google, Amazon, Sony, LG, Samsung and many (many) others should present some of their main news for 2019 during a day or two before opening the doors of the event.

The arrival of 5G

5GThis will be the year of the definitive commercial launch and also of the popularization of the new generation of the telecommunications network. The 5G network is going to be a revolution, but during CES this year we should see something beyond smartphones. Some companies are already targeting 5G mobile phones such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, and others. IoT (Internet of Things) companies, automobiles, virtual reality, and other segments should also explore the almost infinite possibilities of the new mobile network that arrives this year.


CES is focused on the whole consumer electronics area, which also prioritizes categories such as watches, televisions, sound equipment, cars, appliances, and several other generic products. Although it is not of the main focus for companies to launch a smartphone during this event, we could still see many releases from the smartphone industry, and many concept products could also be there.

Smartphone TechThis year the handset market will finally be popularizing the arrival of folding smartphones. With large companies in the market behind this new trend for 2019 and coming years, manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi are expected to introduce this year new features to this industry.

On the part of Sony, it should launch new models of the Xperia line of intermediaries for this year (the powerful XZ4 should stay with the MWC), while Samsung may be able to announce its first devices with Display Sound technology. Already LG, scheduled to launch its first foldable smartphone during the event, seems to have delayed for the coming months due to problems that were not disclosed by leaks.

For those who are really expecting major launches, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony and other companies should focus on announcing their major smartphones (and also the folding ones) during the Mobile World Congress 2019 in February.


The TV market is expected to improve in 2019 thanks to the popularization of 4K resolution reaching more and more homes and consumers. While the next four years are expected to be user-friendly with the big 4K, this year the CES should offer its visitors new screens for 8K resolution, even larger with more expensive and higher priced production than the current resolution that is still coming homes.

TelevisionSamsung is expected to introduce new versions of QLED technology as well as The Frame and Serif line, including models with both 4K and 8K resolutions. Following its compatriot rival, South Korean LG is also expected to unveil new 4K and 8K televisions at the event.

Although there is not even a lot of content on the internet with 8K resolution, CES is the venue for companies to anticipate news for the next few years, and this is what big technology companies that operate in the television business should do.


It is common at CES that automotive manufacturers take advantage of the space to advertise and present novelties for the future of cars, motorcycles, and trucks over the next ten years. Among the big companies in the market, Kia should be present with READ: Real-Time Emotion Adaptive Driving System, or something like Adaptive Driving System in Real Time, where an artificial intelligence based on biological signal recognition technology is used to customize the interior of the car during the ride.

Automobiles at CESIn addition to the Kia, Audi should be present with its “completely new format of entertainment on the road” as well as a “movie experience” within its own car.

Smart house and IoT

The Internet of Things market is expected to continue to grow in 2019 due to its incredible potential in recent years and also thanks to the arrival of 5G, which should make the Dream of the smart house even closer to consumers this year and next.

Google and Amazon are expected to bring news about their personal assistant Google Assistant and Alexa, respectively, as well as possible new products from the Google Home and Amazon Echo line alongside competitors and new third-party models that use enterprise solutions.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

With the popularization of virtual reality and augmented reality in recent years, it is possible that we could see the debut of new glasses and headsets with support for such technologies similar to the various models that are already in the market but targeting the popular public with similar attractive prices to Oculus Go.

Virtual RealityThe Consumer Electronic Show of 2019 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, between January 8 and 11 of the second week of the first month of the year. Companies are expected to unveil their products even earlier, on the 6th and 7th of the same month, so stay tuned for more news to come in the next few days!