While sharing our Netflix credentials with a family member is more or less well seen, it is not at all clear whether companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime would like you to share your password with your neighbors or friends. That is why right now a London-based company called Synamedia, intends to help these pay-TV operators and streaming video streaming websites by offering them their artificial intelligence-based service to stop sharing passwords, make them buy their own subscription.

The service, called Credentials Sharing Insights, will maintain control over the casual exchange of passwords, as well as the fight against those companies that get money by reselling login credentials of payment channels or streaming services.

But Synamedia wants to focus especially on those individuals who share their passwords with neighbors or friends for generosity and all the private operators and streaming video companies, which could let these streaming sites earn much more money and exponentially multiply their profits if this widespread use is avoided.

According to a report by Parks Associate, the habit that users have of sharing their passwords of video transmission services could generate almost 10 billion dollars in losses to the industry by 2021.

This artificial intelligence would evaluate the habits of the users of these platforms, including their physical location and even the patterns of use, to be trained and learn. Then this system would classify users between scores of 1 to 10, where “1” would indicate that this user is unlikely to share their password, and “10” representing a user who will almost certainly share that password.

With these data on the table, these companies and television operators will be able to inform users with higher scores to acquire additional subscriptions or pay fines for sharing their passwords with other people.

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