If you’re the one who wants to take a screenshot of another user’s or you’re just wondering whether anyone has secretly taking screenshots of your stuff, it’s worth looking into whether or not Instagram sends notifications about this type of activity.

Last year, Instagram spent a few months on testing a feature where users could see who was taking screenshots of their stories by notification, but that feature has been retired pretty long now. The feature was noticed first in February of 2018, but by June, it was gone. And since then, Instagram users have been able to screenshot other users freely, but there has been a change recently.

While we can still take screenshots of Insta stories, the company has incorporated a new similar like feature. Instagram has now updated its app. It has started notifying people when someone screenshots their pics in a private message or DM, and this might scare some people who are avid users of screenshots.

When you screenshot a photo to you from someone else, a notification saying “Screenshot” now pops up in their inbox. So now, when you send a screenshot of someone’s photo, you’ll see a little windmill icon which indicates that a person has received a notification regarding this. The change came as part of an update that was pushed out in the last week of December 2018.