Lenovo has launched all its artillery at CES 2019. And has presented a series of products focused on several sectors where the video games sector stands out for the leading gamers. Thus, it has presented 3 monitors, two headphones, a keyboard, a mouse and two laptops to compete with other brands such as Asus, Razer or Logitech.

Lenovo enters 2019 as a gaming brand

Lenovo has gone step by step over the years to enter Gaming world category and dominate with its product line of peripherals, Their new Legion series of products is the prelude to what we are going to see next since Lenovo has introduced its first products aimed at gaming and some other category focused products.

Lenovo Legion Y44FW:

Lenovo Legion Y44FW is a gaming monitor that features 43.4-inches display in ultra panoramic format and has a resolution of 3840 x 1200 pixels, This panel is completed with a curvature of 1800R, a spectacular 144 Hz with a very low response time of 4 ms and a maximum brightness of 450 nits, all with support for FreeSync 2.

Lenovo Legion-Y44FWVESA has equipped this Legion Y44FW with HDR 400 certification, thanks to a range of colors that covers 99% of sRGB, BT.709, and DCI-P3. The connectivity is quite complete thanks to DisplayPort 1.4, USB-C 3.1, HDMI 2.0 and a USB HUB with four USB-A 3.0 ports. As revealed by Lenovo, this monitor will be available in April at a price of $1200.

Lenovo Legion Y27GQ:

The next bet of the brand focuses on NVIDIA graphics cards, as this new monitor will carry its G-Sync module. Although it is not an ultra-widescreen monitor, this Y27GQ is really a good size monitor due to its 27-inch TN-based panel.

Legion Y27GQTherefore, it is capable of reaching a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz with a small response time of 0.5 milliseconds. The best thing without a doubt is its resolution since it’s not a 1080p Display, but it goes up to 2560 x 1440 pixels (2K) resolution. Although its panel is TN as we have already mentioned, it will achieve 90% coverage of the DCI-P3 range.

Its port connections are somewhat short than Lenovo Legion Y44FW since it will have an HDMI, a DisplayPort and a USB 3.0 together with a 3.5mm audio connector jack. Like the Y44FW, it will be released in April at an initial price of $1000.

Lenovo ThinkVision P44W:

Lenovo has launched a new professionals monitor called ThinkVision P44W which features all the characteristics of the Y44FW: 43.4 inches display, 3840 x 1200 pixels resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate, and FreeSync 2 technology.

Lenovo ThinkVision P44WAlthough the differences are given in the aesthetics since this monitor has more warranty support of up to 3 years against the single year of the Y44FW. This makes its price rise to $1,300.

Legion H300 and H500 Headset:

Lenovo headsets lineup will be complemented with two new products that focus on different ranges. Thus, the Lenovo Legion H500 7.1 Pro Gaming Headset will be the highest-end and cost $100 due to two 50 mm drivers that will offer virtual 7.1 sound through its USB sound card. Its design is based on the anisotropic black color with metal details of the same color. Lenovo will allow users to use these headphones without USB 7.1 card through a minijack so we can use our external sound card to amplify its benefits.

Legion H300 And H500 HeadsetIts microphone will be retractable and will have passive noise cancellation, which complements PU leather earmuffs with large padding, braided cables and digital audio control with preset equalizer along with a surround sound switch.

The Legion H300 is the most affordable option of the two headphones since it will cost almost half at $60. The price difference lies in its capacity for 7.1 surround sound and the absence of digital controls, where we will also its USB connectivity feature. Aside from that, it will have the same 50 mm drivers, retractable microphone and same quality but with a different design. Both headphones will be available in April of this 2019.

Lenovo Legion K500 RGB Mechanical keyboard

With a minimalist design, this K500 RGB will have a high-performance profile thanks to its Cherry MX Red switches, which means that we will not have that click when the key passes its activation point due to its line-ability. It will have a complete, removable wrist rest and a complete RGB system with up to 16.8 million available colors available in three different zones.

Legion K500Other features that complement it, is its minimalist and clean design, without eye-catching details, a cable of great quality and great length (1.8 meters) and where finally we will find a system of two different angles with reclining support. Its price will be 100 dollars and like the rest of the components, it will be available in April for its purchase.

Lenovo Legion M500 RGB gaming mouse

As in the other components, Lenovo has not spared in quality and performance for its products. This Legion M500 RGB will come equipped with a Sensor Pixart PMW 3389 with 16000 DPIs, which is capable of supporting 400 IPS and 50g of acceleration. Its switches will be the Omron brand, which undoubtedly determines an unbeatable performance to be the brand responsible for providing support to the vast majority of gaming mice in the world. Its RGB lighting system will be 3 zones (logo, wheel, and bottom) where we can select up to 16.8 million colors to our liking.

Legion M500To increase its configuration and support, this Legion M500 RGB will have an adjustable weight system, which will provide perfect weight and acceleration/braking to our needs. Its starting price will be $60 and will be available as the rest of the products in April.

Lenovo Legion Y740 and Y540

The Y740 will come in two sizes: 15 and 17 inches respectively, where the only difference apart from this factor will be the GPUs that they obtain. Thus, the 15-inch version will have under its chassis an NVIDIA RTX 2070 Max-Q (or RTX 2060) while the top model of 17 inches will have the most powerful current model of Nvidia, the RTX 2080 Max-Q.

Legion Y740Both sizes come equipped with the same remaining features: Intel Core i7 with up to 8 cores (we understand that at this point it would be i9 and not i7), 32 GB of DDR4 RAM at a speed of 2666 MHz , an amazing Corsair backlit keyboard with 100% anti-ghosting and support for iCUE, Dolby Atmos system with Dolby Sound Radar and support for Dolby Vision.

In contrast, the Lenovo Legion Y540 15-inch will come with a lower performance GPU but equally powerful as is the RTX 2060 and will also be accompanied with Intel Core processors, although no specific versions have been specified.

On this occasion, the keyboard will be backlit in white but it will also be gaming themed since according to Lenovo it offers a response time of only 1 ms. The features are completed with a Harman Kardon speaker system that is compatible with Dolby Atmos and a total weight of only 2.3 kilograms, which has helped its patented dual-fan cooling system called Lenovo Legion Coldfront, which will keep laptops always cool.

As for their prices, Legion Y740 start from 1979.99 dollars for the 17-inch model of the Legion Y740, while the Lenovo Legion Y540 15-inch will start at $929.99 and will be available as of May 2019.

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