Do you want to create a compelling Instagram Feed that will create a spark in the onlooker’s mind? If yes, then, let us guide you on how to create a lasting first impression on your followers.

To stand out, you have to plot and plan before executing it. Simply posting random photos wouldn’t make a difference. Rather it will show your lack of concern for your business idea.

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Stories and images are hard to forget. For that, be clear about your business theme. Try to create a story out of your Instagram feed that defines your brand. Follow your brand’s color scheme in your feed to bring it in line with the brand.

Your Instagram feed is one great way to rejuvenate the reader’s interest. You can cause a stir among your audience by following these simple tips about Instagram feed:

1. Determine Your Feed Aesthetic

Instagram feed depends a lot on consistency, minimalism, and singularity. Instagram influencers understand the importance of using only one to two filters for their photos. Even the picture edits follow a pre-defined model of brightness, exposure, contrast, and so on.

Instagram Filters of Photo

Depending upon your brand theme, you can opt for bold and vibrant colours, or minimalistic colours, or monochromatic pictures, or pastel schemes. Like the web design matters in website development, colour scheme matters in Instagram feed development.

2. Use Original Photos to Win Audience’s Trust

As the online world is full of spam, so it is essential to winning the audience’s trust. Predefine the quality and characteristics of your services and products that define your brand’s personality. The photos of your products ought to be original.

Instagram Photos

To ease your struggle with the cameras, I recommend you to have a Canon camera. When it comes to finding the best lens to capture awesome photos, there is no one better than Canon.

Even if you provide life hacks, inspirational quotes, or fashion inspiration, you should be the copyrights holder of the content. The more original content you will create, the higher are your chances to win the audience’s attention! You can also represent your brand by using different props or objects to make a lasting impression.

3. Use Impressive Fonts and Typography

Typography is winning the hearts of the audience again, and it adds a lot to your brand style or design; therefore, it should not be neglected beside the color scheme of your Instagram.

Typography can define your business style in a coded language. It is especially important for the Instagram users that are interested in sharing quotes and tips. To take the lead, you must go for an impressive typography design to create the feed images.

4. Utilize the Instagram Story Tool

Keep your followers interested by posting engaging stories on Instagram. You can promote products, events, and contests in your story as well. You can engage your followers by asking them questions. The Instagram story is a great way to take customer reviews of the products your brand offers.

Instagram Stories

Besides, make sure to respond within 24 hours to show the customers or followers that you value their time and effort.

5. Create Videos that Define Who You Are

Whether it is the brand you are promoting or it is your personal Instagram account, you can make the audience stop for a while by creating compelling videos. Videos can be a representation of the story of your brand. They can be humorous as well as enlightening.

At last, everything depends upon how you define your brand to yourself and your audience through the Instagram feed.

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