Last year in November, at the developer conference held in Beijing, Xiaomi CEO with Fan Dian, General Manager of IoT Platform announced that Xiaomi and IKEA reached global strategic cooperation. Today at the annual meeting of Xiaomi, Lei Jun announced the official launch of the “mobile +AIoT” dual-engine strategy.

The announcement hence confirms that this will be the core strategy of Xiaomi in the next five years where Xiaomi will continue to invest more than 10 billion RMB in the AIOT field. Earlier in its development conference, Xiaomi group said that ‘AI+IoT technology will be implanted in every possible device hereafter.

While Xiaomi Ceo, Lei Jun confirmed in his speech that in the next upcoming years each device will have an AIoT control module making the interaction exciting and the strategy strong, many top companies in the world have already started to regard artificial intelligence as the latest core strategy.

We always look up and go forward, From April 6, 2010, to the present, in 3202 days and nights, we have always been like this! – Lei Jun, CEO, Xiaomi

Sources report that the number of smart device connections exceeds 132 million. Since 2014, Xiaomi Group has started IoT layout and has supported nearly 2,000 devices.  There are about 100 million units of active devices activated by Xiao Ai. The company is definitely looking up to move forward.