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Google Pay in a way made making payments easier by storing all of the credit and debit cards in one place. Keeping track of all the credit and debit cards can be a bit tricky and tiresome. Google Pay somewhat solved that problem by showing the company name and the last four digits of the card. But it was not a complete solution to juggling multiple cards at the same time as people lose track or forget the last four digits on a card.

Google tried to solve this problem and now Google Pay has added the ability where a user can rename their cards or assign new names to their cards so that the users can keep track of the cards easily. Android users may be familiar with the nicknamed payment methods. However, this feature or ability was shut down after a while. On the Google Help Forum, a Community Specialist described the proper method of assigning or changing the nickname of a card. The discussion describing the method is quoted below:

Try following these steps once again to edit a payment method:

  • Go to your Google Play account.
  • Select Edit payment method.
  • Sign in to your payments.google.com account
  • Navigate to Payment methods.
  • Find the payment method you want to edit.
  • Select Edit.
  • Make your updates and select Save.

Just a heads up: Your payment method will be updated and you will be able to select it when you buy something on Google Play.

If you still can’t edit the name of the card, I’d recommend you contact our one-on-one support team using this link for better assistance.

This ‘Add Nickname’ feature is only available for the card and it’s not available with bank accounts. However, not everyone who uses Google Pay has received this update yet and it appears that the function has not been fully rolled out. Hopefully, the feature will be available to every Google Pay user soon.

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