AR Measure apps are all set to displace conventional tapes and protractors soon enough, and now Oppo is about to become the latest smartphone company to introduce such an app to its users, The Chinese firm launched a beta version of the same.

The app, going by the name of ‘AR Measure’, will use the 3D TOF (Time of Flight) camera sensors that the Oppo R17 Pro has been equipped with, besides a number of different applications, for an in-depth analysis and deduction of the dimensions of an object, including its length and surface area. Buy the Oppo R17 Pro with amazing 3D TOF camera sensor at a discounted price here.

The users can now avail the app by downloading its beta version, provided their phone is operating on the latest version of Color OS. The only thing left to do next is to aim the phone’s specialized camera at the object they wish to measure on the screen, select the dimension they want to calculate, and align their phone accordingly.

While Oppo has claimed to still be working on the app, fixing glitches and adjusting its aspects, one may track the app’s progress on the smartphone company’s press page and social media. The company’s press page has already provided instructions on how to measure length, area, and angles using the app.