Treyarch released the first of the patches it has been lining up for Black Ops 4 earlier this week, adding the new ‘Featured Playlist’ to the game. And now it has taken to Reddit to outline the features that shall be ushered in by the next update that the game shall receive.

New updates will be made to all the three modes that the game can be played in, with ‘Zombies’ receiving Gauntlets, a feature which has been described as “curated 30-round challenges with unique rules for each round.” Besides this, a 115 Day Celebration Event shall also be held in this mode between January 15th and 18th and will be made available on all platforms. This celebratory event will provide players double XP, weapon XP, and Nebulium Plasma.

Coming to the Battle Royale Mode, Treyarch has decided to equip it with a brand new looting interface on consoles meant to make it easier to locate specific loots. Lastly, the multiplayer mode will receive Elevation and Madagascar as map rotation for the owners of the Black Ops Pass; with the maps added to the full rotation as they’re released.

Apart from the changes to the pre-existing modes, Black Ops 4 update is also expected to usher in two new Blackout modes for a limited time; although Treyarch is yet to reveal more on this bit of news. It shall make stability improvements and bug fixes, along with giving out new Featured playlists.

Lastly, Treyarch shall introduce League Play to Black Ops 4 later this month; making the competitive multiplayer resemble professional matches more closely by putting participants into groups of 50, based on skill-based matchmaking.