Samsung Pay Framework, an app bundled on Android devices to work in the background and provide Samsung Pay with additional functions, has recently brought itself to the limelight with multiple users complaining of the app causing massive battery drainage in their devices.

Users have taken to Reddit to voice their problems, while trying to look for a solution to solve the battery drainage, which, in some devices, have reached as high as 60%. While Samsung is yet to come up with a permanent solution, a few users claim that force quitting the app is working for them temporarily.

A Redditor, going by the name of ‘honestbleeps,’ seems to think that the solution to the problem may lie in following the process of, “-> apps -> Samsung pay / Samsung pay framework -> battery and set “optimize battery usage” to “Not optimized.” He seems to think, “that there’s some sort of conflicting behavior between Samsung’s battery optimization logic and Samsung Pay Framework’s own built-in attempts to keep itself running that was using more battery by somehow looping/conflicting with each other.”

As the situation stands now, users can only resort to a bunch of hail marys before Samsung addresses the issue officially.

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