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Upgrade to 7th-Gen Touch for Apple iPods and USB-C Connectivity for iPhones

Jan 15, 2019, 5:45 am

A Japanese site, Mac Otakara, has cited several websites to claim that a seventh-generation touch model for iPods may be in the works. This is also tied up with news of a shift from Lightning to USB-S connectivity in Apple iPhones.

Coming to iPods, the rumor, apparently backed by the suppliers at CES 2019, suggests that Apple may finally be letting go of its four-year-old tech for the sixth-gen iPod touch, and usher in seventh-generation touch for the same. Although the rumor does not give any more details regarding the change, it is still a breath of fresh air for iPod users, given that its specs currently include a four-year-old A8 processor, an 8MP camera, and 4-inch display.

Be that as it may, priced at $249 and $369 for its 32GB and 128GB storage models respectively, the sixth-gen iPod touches continue holding its head high for delivering value for money. Powered by iOS, the device streams Apple Music over a Wi-Fi connection, while also allowing users to purchase and download apps from the App Store.  In July 2017, Apple had decided to maintain the same price while doubling iPod touch storage and discontinuing the iPod nano and Shuffle altogether.

As for the iPhones, they may be making a shift from Lightning to USB-C connectivity, although the project has yet to come up with a reference design which is a critical step before a device can be set for mass production. This rumor is in keeping with previous ones alleging that Apple shall switch to the faster and more robust protocol this year. Apple’s first USB-C enabled portable debuted alongside the 2018 iPad Pro line-up and the current shift, if and when it is realized, will mean that users of iPhone 8 or higher would not have to purchase a USB-C to Lightning cables separately. It would also suggest that Apple’s 29W USB-C power brick will allow fast charging.

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