Background checks can be useful tools for a variety of reasons, whether you are an employer, going on a blind date, or slightly unnerved by your new neighbor. They can show you a range of information from criminal history to education. No matter who you are, these are 3 reasons why it’s necessary to utilize background checks.

To Know Who to Employ

For employers, knowing the legal history of your employees is imperative to ensure the safety of your business. Employing someone who has a history of fraud, violence, or any other documented criminal background can pose a liability for your company. There also may be times when applicants are not forthcoming about their past criminal history prior to the background check.

Additionally, many laws maintain that all applicants must consent to a background check, so be aware of that before enforcing it.

It is also wise to perform background checks on potential employees because you not only see their history, but you can confirm whether they were being truthful in the first place. This is perhaps the largest advantage when conducting background checks.

To Be Aware of Your Own Personal Information Readily Available

Have you ever “Googled” yourself? It’s hard to resist seeing what information about you is clearly posted on the world wide web. It is, however, very prudent to keep in mind when applying for jobs, getting involved in any legal action, or posting on the internet.

Seeing just how much of your own history and background is listed online can be very humbling and grounding, reminding you that background checks and the accessibility of personal information goes both ways.

To Protect Yourself

In intimate situations, such as going on first dates or seeking out roommates, it is especially vital to know who you are sharing private space with. The development of the internet has allowed plenty of people to connect quickly and with ease, and while this has many benefits, it has just as many drawbacks, too.

Anyone is at risk of matching with a stranger on a dating app or meeting them on social media and developing a relationship with them before realizing the mistake too late. People are not always honest about themselves, especially if they have a dangerous past, and individuals that you may find yourself in an intimate situation with are people you should feel comfortable looking up prior to that interaction.

With family members or mutual friends, we have the luxury of reaching out to those who know strangers before we meet them to get a sense of what they’re like, but when that is not an option, it is up to us to look after ourselves.

How to Do a Background Check

There are a number of background check services nowadays, and many of these are online. You can get a subscription service or pay for a one-time search. There are also free services or platforms that offer free trials such as TruthFinder.

To determine the validity of these services, you will first want to look up reviews, such as an honest Truthfinder review. Reviews are helpful to consider before selecting a specific service since you always want to be sure the platform that you’re using is correct and secure.

Last Considerations

Background checks have become more accessible as the internet has continued to grow and expand. Of course, it is suggested to investigate people’s histories only when it is genuinely appropriate to do so and not a misuse of power or invasion of privacy.

That said, the internet does allow for far more security measures that were available before it was created. Whatever your circumstances maybe if you feel the need to research someone’s history in order to affirm your safety in relation to them, know that you have options.

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