Let’s get this! The Tweet posted by Xiaomi exclaimed. Headquartered in Beijing the Chinese company is all set to put together its world record for a brand new Smart Egg. Yes, an egg which has created history and is the most trending story right now. Several companies are now taking this egg trend seriously to set their records straight too.

This all started since January 5, 2019, by the account “world_record_egg,” that had posted a simple photo of an egg on a plain, white background that took the Internet, especially Instagram by storm and netizens came together to help the account scramble past Kylie’s most-liked photo of her newborn. The humble egg is comfortably placed at 37 million likes, almost 20 million more than Kylie’s post.

The picture that currently has more than 28 million likes had to face the target of crossing 18 million likes on Jenner’s post. It passed that mark on Sunday, January 13. “What a Time to be alive,” said the owner of the account in response to the million likes that it got from its fans.

Riding high with its Insta success, the egg account now wants to beat Yusaku’s tweet and set a new world record. But before it could successfully beat; other companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus are also trying to be in the trend of recieving the retweets and likes. OnePlus Italy is also trying to invade the web with their an egg picture Tweeted on their account.

This is sheer madness. What a Time to be alive!