Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 20,399,273
    Confirmed: 20,399,273
    Active: 6,373,663
    Recovered: 13,283,665
    Death: 741,945
  • USA 5,275,930
    Confirmed: 5,275,930
    Active: 2,389,227
    Recovered: 2,719,695
    Death: 167,008
  • Brazil 3,068,138
    Confirmed: 3,068,138
    Active: 802,292
    Recovered: 2,163,812
    Death: 102,034
  • India 2,328,405
    Confirmed: 2,328,405
    Active: 645,603
    Recovered: 1,636,614
    Death: 46,188
  • Russia 897,599
    Confirmed: 897,599
    Active: 179,293
    Recovered: 703,175
    Death: 15,131
  • South Africa 563,598
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 563,598
    Active: 135,777
    Recovered: 417,200
    Death: 10,621
  • Mexico 485,836
    Confirmed: 485,836
    Active: 104,840
    Recovered: 327,993
    Death: 53,003
  • Peru 483,133
    Confirmed: 483,133
    Active: 132,453
    Recovered: 329,404
    Death: 21,276
  • Chile 376,616
    Confirmed: 376,616
    Active: 16,897
    Recovered: 349,541
    Death: 10,178
  • Spain 373,692
    Confirmed: 373,692
    Active: 345,111
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,581
  • Iran 331,189
    Confirmed: 331,189
    Active: 23,769
    Recovered: 288,620
    Death: 18,800
  • UK 312,789
    Confirmed: 312,789
    Active: 266,263
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,526
  • Saudi Arabia 291,468
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 291,468
    Active: 33,117
    Recovered: 255,118
    Death: 3,233
  • Pakistan 285,191
    Confirmed: 285,191
    Active: 17,833
    Recovered: 261,246
    Death: 6,112
  • Bangladesh 263,503
    Confirmed: 263,503
    Active: 108,060
    Recovered: 151,972
    Death: 3,471
  • Italy 251,237
    Confirmed: 251,237
    Active: 13,561
    Recovered: 202,461
    Death: 35,215
  • Turkey 243,180
    Confirmed: 243,180
    Active: 11,152
    Recovered: 226,155
    Death: 5,873
  • Germany 219,229
    Confirmed: 219,229
    Active: 11,062
    Recovered: 198,900
    Death: 9,267
  • France 204,172
    Confirmed: 204,172
    Active: 90,996
    Recovered: 82,836
    Death: 30,340
  • Canada 120,256
    Confirmed: 120,256
    Active: 4,744
    Recovered: 106,524
    Death: 8,988
  • China 84,712
    Confirmed: 84,712
    Active: 794
    Recovered: 79,284
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 59,973
    Confirmed: 59,973
    Active: 53,814
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,159
  • Australia 21,713
    Confirmed: 21,713
    Active: 9,238
    Recovered: 12,144
    Death: 331
  • S. Korea 14,660
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,660
    Active: 626
    Recovered: 13,729
    Death: 305
  • New Zealand 1,570
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,570
    Active: 22
    Recovered: 1,526
    Death: 22

Amazon Fire Stick supports Alexa Voice remote and TV control

Author at TechGenyz Tech
Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon has announced that now the Amazon Fire TV Stick will have Alexa Voice Remote and TV Control. The integration of Alexa with the Fire Stick basically means that users can find the movie or series that they are looking for on Amazon Prime Video just by asking Alexa to do so. Alexa will also be able to launch apps if the users ask Alexa to do so.

Managing the control over the Amazon Fire TV Stick becomes even easier as Alexa Voice Remote will help the users find the shows that they are looking for. It also makes the whole process a lot faster as Alexa is purely voice-activated.

Also, the inclusion of Alexa with the Fire TV Stick has made the entire tech ensemble smarter than before. Now the remote can be used to do multiple tasks simultaneously such as viewing live camera, checking sports scores, ordering food, booking a cab and streaming millions of songs.

To make the experience hands-free, the users can pair any Echo device with the Fire TV Stick which is made possible due to the far-field technology. The users can control the Fire TV Stick without having to move from their seats.

All they need to do is to tell Alexa what it is that they want. Firefox or Silk browsers will help users surf websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit. The Alexa Voice Remote lets users power on and control volume on the compatible TV using a single remote. The Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote is priced at INR 3,999. But the existing Fire TV Stick customers can get the new Alexa Voice Remote separately for only INR 1,999.

It will be available on the market through pre-ordering and will start shipping in the last week of January.

We want to make music listening as easy and enjoyable as possible. The launch of the Hands-Free feature on the Amazon Prime Music app eliminates yet another step between you and your music, giving you the freedom from tapping the Alexa icon and simply asking for your favourite music. Since its initial launch in the US in 2018, providing Hands-Free listening in the app has been one of the top requests by our listeners for the music app. – Sahas Malhotra, Amazon Prime Music director

Amazon has also introduced a new feature both for Android and iOS on Amazon Prime Music mobile app called the Hands-Free feature. This will let users play music without touching the screen. Users can directly ask Alexa to play music just by asking and without having to click on the Alexa icon.

This feature can be turned off or on in the Settings menu on the Amazon Prime Music app.