George Kedenburg has become the latest Instagram sensation due to the fact of his company’s product design having created AR effects for Instagram’s reminiscent of older technology to soothe those feeling nostalgic about the past. These Instagram AR effects comprise of a wide array of models, including effects based on old Operating Systems.

For instance, one of the effects is a simulation of an old desktop PC with the classic Microsoft Paint tab open. Other effects include a discharging battery which can be used in a variety of contexts.

Instagram EffectsAlthough innovative, these effects are not the first of its kind. Kylie Jenner and her team, for instance, have come up with AR effects that allow prospective customers to test out the shades of lipsticks before making their purchase.

The custom AR designs, announced in the 2018 F8 Conference, have been gaining popularity rapidly and are also reaching a broader base since its inception.