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There are many different game consoles out there, from the latest ones like PlayStation 4 to the most recent iteration of the Xbox. Then there are older ones that people still have from years gone by, like the older Playstation versions, the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis, etc.

There are even retro gaming systems that have come out in recent years that feature many of the 8 and 16-bit games like Super Mario Brothers that past generations have loved so much.

If you’re investing in one of these gaming systems, though, you’ve probably noticed how expensive they are. If you bought a brand-new one, then the financial outlay might easily have been several hundred dollars, and you might feel some degree of concern about something happening to yours. If that’s the case, don’t worry. You can protect your valuable gaming console.

Extended Warranties

There are some warranties that you can get when you buy one of these systems from the manufacturer, and they are definitely worth considering. There are also some other companies that offer extended warranty protection of various kinds for gaming systems, and they are worth a look as well.

If something happens to your system, you’ll know that the parts are covered, or the entire system if something catastrophic happens to it. Most of the warranties also include things like theft. If you live in a bad neighborhood, that sort of thing should be on your mind.

Avoid Food and Drinks

Nothing is going to mess your system up worse than spilling a large soda on it or dropping some guacamole into it. If you’re going to be gaming, think about your investment. Make sure to keep all food and drinks away from the part of the room where your gaming setup is, and tell people who visit that they need to eat and drink elsewhere. They should respect your wishes.

Put the System Away

When the system is not in use, it’s best to put it away in a locked cabinet, or at the very least in a drawer where it is not visible. The reasons for this are twofold. You can make sure that nothing gets spilled on it, and that it doesn’t get kicked, scratched, stepped on, or anything else that might befall it by accident. At the same time, this means it is a lot less likely to get stolen in the event that someone breaks into the house.

Set an Age Restriction

If you have younger brothers or sisters, or if you have guests who have little children, you should not let them play with the system if you feel that they are too young to respect it. At the very least, you should be there to supervise the gaming to make sure that none of the youngsters decide to smear peanut butter on the console.

With the money you spent on your gaming system, you should take care to protect it. You can do that with a little forethought and a small financial outlay. You’ll be glad you did when it’s five years down the line, and your system still looks like new.

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