If you recently got a new iPhone, you may want to know what apps are worth installing on your new mobile. To help you, we have made a small selection of 10 essential applications that you must install on your new iPhone.

We have tried to select applications of all kinds, including some lesser known ones. In addition, we have left out applications that we could call “obvious”, such as social networks or messaging app.

Whether you’re new to the iPhone or have already been on iOS, you can not miss this selection. Maybe you discover some new application


Google Maps

Although Apple’s maps have improved a lot, the truth is that they are not yet at Google Maps level. That’s why one of the first apps that I install when I try a new iPhone is always Google Maps. Google maps are almost essential if you want to use your mobile as a browser.

You can also choose Waze, an application that in addition to the navigation functions has other interesting options. For example, we can see the status of traffic, radars, areas where there are controls or if an accident has occurred to avoid it.


If you want to take the management of your email to a higher level you may want to try Spark. This app manager offers a great combination of simplicity and advanced features.

With a very striking design, it offers us some interesting options such as postponing emails, scheduling emails to be sent at a specific time, creating joint (collaborative) emails or having an intelligent tray that shows important emails first. If you prefer an application that offers an experience similar to Apple Mail but with some other function, you can also try Microsoft Outlook.


The great success of social photography networks like Instagram makes filter applications and photo retouching are in high demand in different apps stores.


Google Photos

Although you can configure your iPhone to automatically save the photos in iCloud, the truth is that it is much better to use Google Photos. Google’s solution offers unlimited storage, as long as we agree to keep a high-quality copy.

In addition, Google Photos offers the possibility to create interesting compositions, videos, improved photos and much more. An application, without a doubt, essential in any mobile.


If you need to bring a translator on your iPhone we recommend iTranslate Converse. This application allows you to speak directly to the microphone to make a translation in real time. The only thing we will have to do to use it is to touch and hold the button and talk to the mobile.

According to its creators, it works very well in noisy environments and performs translation almost instantaneously. It is compatible with no less than 38 languages and is able to detect the language automatically. Of course, you must take into account that it is an application that requires a subscription.



Agenda is a new application of notes that has taken this year one of the awards for best design by Apple. The “different” of the Agenda is that it organizes the notes focusing on the dates, offering us a complete view of the past, present, and future meetings.

On the other hand, Agenda has a very interesting graphics section. It includes the possibility of creating notes with images, attachments, labels, lists, and links. We can even connect the notes with events from the calendar.


IFTTT is an application to automate tasks. It works with more than 600 external applications, such as Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Instagram or Gmail. It allows creating “Applets” that we can execute with a simple switch.



And since not everything will be on working and productivity, we have included one of the last years. Oddmar is called and is a platform game and puzzles, very much like Rayman Legends. In Oddmar we put ourselves in the shoes of a Viking who has problems in his village and wants to prove his worth.

It has 24 levels created by hand, with an impressive aesthetic. It has a price in the App Store of 2.29 euros, but it is one of the best games you can carry on your iPhone.


Fantastical 2

if you want to take the management of your calendar to a higher level you have to try Fantastical 2. It has features as advanced as natural language analysis. What does this mean? For example, by merely entering “Dinner with Maria in Valencia on Thursday” the application will create the event

It also works with reminders, being able to write “task to buy milk at 5”. Also, these can be created by voice dictation.

Fantastical 2 is one of the calendar applications for iPhone that has won more awards and great ratings by users. It has a cost of 2.29 euros


Applications of photo retouching there are many in the App Store. Some, like VSCO, are well known and practically almost all iPhone users install it on their device. However, to close this selection we wanted to talk about TouchRetouch, a different application.

TouchRetouch is an app that offers us the necessary tools to efficiently remove unwanted content from the photos we make with the iPhone. Have you made a spectacular photo of a landscape but it has been “spoiled” because a person appears? With TouchRetouch you can delete it easily.

Best of all, it is an application that is very easy to use and that does its job effectively. Of course, you must be clear that it is not an application that offers thousands of retouching options. You only have three tools: clone, remove lines and remove “defects” from the photos. But what it does make the final results look really well. TouchRetouch has a cost of 2.29 euros.

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