Mobile phone games have always been popular among the masses because of their easy availability. Lately, games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite have reached an insane level of popularity and as such other developers are looking for opportunities to develop similar heavy hitting games like those two. Without any doubt, Android is the most popular operating system and consequently, it has become the most popular platform for game developers to test and release their product.

Google has extended their support to developers to help them develop games on Android platform. Reportedly, to do so Google is working on their own “Android Game SDK” which is based on Vulkan and the Android NDK.  Google through their project “Android Game SDK” will try to help developers by giving them better control over the complex details of 3D graphics without having to optimize every single Android device, as is the case with any game with good graphics developing 3D graphics on Android platform.

The SDK will give the developers more control over swap interval. It consists of one library Swappy build on the Vulkan graphics API. Yesterday a new option in the Settings app surfaced under Developer Options. The new option titled “Game Update Package Preferences” may be related to the new Android Game SDK. Google is also aiming at improving the Unity 3D engine’s performance on Android to achieve their bigger task. Google’s actual intention with this sample can be to include this sample directly in “the Unity source tree.”

Google might be working with the developers of Unity for Google to commence working on the Android Game SDK. Google has worked with Unity before in 2016 when Unity CEO John Riccitiello appeared at the Google I/O 2016 for the Daydream VR demonstration. It is not clear yet what kind of changes we can expect from the Android Game SDK. However, one thing is clear that Google is determined to take Android gaming forward.

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