A brief history of mobile phone game: Things you might not know

Do You Remember When? Or where you were in 1994 (if born!)

From its first invention up to 2019, the mobile phone has always been part of our lives and games in all of their diversity have also played a major part of those lives.

The first mobile phone game was Tetris aboard the Hagenuk MT-2000 which was a phone that was both designed and then manufactured in Denmark. The game was a simple concept of rapidly stacking tetranomial shapes, was highly addictive and remains one game that is known today.

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It took three years until Nokia launched the incredible Snake in December 1997. Snake and all of its variants were pre-installed into all the mobile devices that were manufactured by Nokia and has since become one of the most widely played games of all time. The iconic snake is found on more than 350 million devices worldwide. Nokia also produced a variant of the Snake game for the Nokia 6110 which was the very first two-player game for mobile phones.

Originally an arcade game that was hugely successful, Space Invaders moved over to the mobile phone in 2002. The original space invaders game was released in 1978 and was developed by Tomohiro Nishikado.

Moving on the October 2003 and Nokia launched the N-Gage as a feature phone and handheld game system. This device was an attempt to lure gamers away from their game boys by including the ability to make a phone call on the same device. Unfortunately, the device was not a success as the design of the phone was not really suited to those of the gamers.

Then came 2007 when Apple’s first iPhone was released on the general public with Steve Jobs saying that it would change the way people communicated forever. Released with the trademark home button, a metal rear casing, and a 3.5-inch touchscreen display. The launch of the very first iPhone opened up a new ear for mobile gaming.

Since 2007 technology has advanced quickly to such an extent that we can now enjoy our games including those best online casinos for NZ in high definition and OLED as well as superior audio and video clips to enhance player enjoyment.

Some of the most favorite casino games are the slots and many of those have movie themes brought to our smaller screens via the collaboration of movie producers and game developers. These spectacular games include authentic sound bites and video clips from the movie as well as being loaded with special movie-related features which help to keep the connection between the slots game and the movie.

How far we have come since 1994, and how far do we go into the future?

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