Last year PUBG Corp. spent most of the year fixing PUBG, and the team has made large strides towards creating a consistent experience for its players which have been clamoring for since the shooter first hit early access.

A PUBG YouTuber, mainly a game researcher known for testing the game’s various aspects, WackyJacky101’s,  have found that lower the framerate, the lower a weapon’s vertical recoil is going to be. His findings are typically well-researched, and though he may not command a giant fan base, his results are rather appalling and are very respected amongst players.

When WackyJacky101 tested slower firing weapons, such as AKM and SCAR, he noticed that the recoil patterns didn’t change that much. When a gun shoots faster at 30 FPS, the game doesn’t have enough time to process all the bullets within one frame and eventually sticks them into a single spot to compensate.

Another user named MutuTutu figured out a flaw in WackyJacky101’s study he suggested slight alterations, such as 31 frames per second, so it goes out of sync and found even more issues. MutuTutu even went a step forward in his analysis and ran the numbers for all weapons, resulting in a long spreadsheet categorizing for every weapon’s performance at various frame rates.

According to their findings, it all comes down to how many times each weapon fires a shot per second. In other words, there’s an “ideal” framerate for each weapon in PUBG, based on their rate-of-fire. This bug discovered will most probably affect the players on PC at present leaving the players playing PUBG Mobile.