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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Recovers your lost data for Mac

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Apple Mac Device

It is the award-winning, best and most powerful Data Recovery Software for Mac family users today for example- Macbook, iMac Pro and more. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will assist you whenever you delete the files by mistake from your Mac. The software will even work out if users carry out ‘Command + Delete’ to remove data or clear Trash with no backup. The Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will find out your data and recover it for you with ease in very less time.


By utilizing this recovery software, you can recover data more efficiently and also improve the quality of canon camera video files. The software comes up with a great device and files support. Through file recovery software you can resolve and recover any data loss/damage problem at large extend from your hard drive, memory cards, USB drives, etc. Few recovery types comprise the ability to make a disk image, a replica of your corrupted drive. Therefore you can able to work via image, rather than the original drive hence there’s no possibility of accidentally corrupting your precious data if you did something wrong.

The current version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac avails a grand feature called Bootable Media for Mac. The Bootable Mac solves Mac system bootable dilemmas when beginning the recovery project and makes your Mac start from a USB drive. Unluckily, this feature is not presented by the free software version.

Recover data from via EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you are worried about the loss of the data you don’t need to worry, with Mac Data Recovery you can simply restore your data from internal and external hard drives, as well as USB devices, memory cards, and iOS devices.

How to recover deleted files using Data Recovery Wizard

Download the software on your PC

Before you download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software in your personal computer, first quit all file operations when you see that the data you have stored in your hard drive had been disappeared. You can download the solution from the website for both Windows and Mac OS computer.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard1
The company provided a FREE subscription to the software limited featured, but after you subscribe to the Pro and Pro + WinPE, you can explore all the featured. Good news is, you can avail the Free Trial which allows you to check the features of the software.

Flexible Scanning Modes

After you install the software in your device, you can launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to scan full device, and it will show files can be recovered below. The most important part of the scan is – there is an option whether to select Quick Scan which searches for deleted files and folder or Deep Scan which will scan the storage device one by one sector to find recovery results.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard1
It is advisable to the users to wait until the scanning ends. Remember, it might take an hour if the file size is significant or just a few minutes, based on the file size in the drive.

Recover search results

The use Data Recovery Wizard allows users to recover more than 1000 types of file types regarding their size and format. You can recover documents in DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PDF to AVI, MOV, MP4 to JPG/JPEG, TIFF/TIF, PNG and more. You can select file types for recovery after selecting the checkboxes, click “Recover” button.

Preview final recovery

Not all the data recovery software available in the market provides the option to give a preview of the files all files available for recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard1

Other Useful Info

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is primarily available in two editions namely – Pro and Pro Plus MobiSaver for Mac. Not only this, but a free version of Data Recovery Wizard is also available to download from the official website. But here one thing you have to consider that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free version can only redeem a maximum of 2GB of data after that you should have to update to the commercial edition. To install the software all you need is 32MB of disk space on your personal computer. The Data Recovery Wizard for Mac executes with Mac appliances running MacOS X 10.6 and newer.