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The guys at NintendoSoup bring us exclusive great news for Nintendo Switch users: Georifters is on its way to the hybrid console.

For now, we have been able to know the first details of the game, which will be released in the eShop this year. It is a title developed by the Taiwanese studio Busy Toaster and created with Unreal Engine 4. In addition, it has been confirmed that it will be playable on the Taipei Game Show this week.

Here are its description and its trailer, as well as with several images that have been published of the title:

Georifters takes the heroes into five different bubble worlds that have the rare ability to push, flip, and spin the ground. One day, their lives are accidentally linked to a strange portal that has appeared in their worlds, causing them to come out of their bubbles and face their competitors.

The adventure mode is available to play in single player mode, enjoying the adventure of the heroes through the fantastic bubble worlds. Battle Race is an animated competition mode in which up to 4 players can show their skills by trying to lead, fighting for the crystals and showing their prowess.

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