China’s telecom giant Huawei launched the world’s first core chip designed explicitly for 5G base stations on Thursday in Beijing, securing its leading position for 5G deployments. The innovative Huawei 5G base station chip named TIANGANG will support 5G networks and 5G network deployment.

The company has received 30 commercial contracts for 5G, and shipped over 25,000 5G base stations globally, according to Ryan Ding, CEO of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group.

Huawei 5G ChipThe Huawei 5g base station chipset is the first of its kind in the 5G industry, with breakthroughs in integration, computing power and spectral bandwidth, which can be deployed in just half the time it took to install a 4G station. These features will help lower the network deployment costs.

The company also launched its first 5G Modem named Balong 5000, which the company claimed to be the most powerful single-chip that supports different architectures. The company uses its chipsets only in its own products.

Along with the 5G core chip the company has also confirmed that Huawei’s 5G smartphone will be launched soon. This puts the rumors to rest which suggested that Huawei could unveil its 5G smartphone at MWC 2019 in Barcelona.

The company has also announced that it has deployed 5G networks in 10 countries and will soon deploy in 20 more countries. This year it seems we’ll witness the 5G technology go mainstream.