It’s a heads-up as well as bad news for all LG users as Google validated the fact of the glitch in autofocus mode in AR (augmented reality) mode on its ‘Support devices’ page for ARCore, stating officially that all the LG flagships are facing this glitch in AR mode, the Autofocus being incompatible with the mode.

So this leaves the choice of manual focus for the users for the time being, which can be quite tedious for them. However, interestingly enough, this glitch seems to have come up only in the most high-end LG flagships. The lower-priced models like G6, Q6, and Q8 have not been affected by the bug.

Zeroing on the software tool in focus that outlaid the information, ARCore is a set of software tools developed by Google that allows it to construct AR experiences for compatible devices, using its three central functionalities to build interaction of AR experiences: Motion Tracking, Environmental Understanding, and Light Estimation. This platform is accessible to all devices that want to introduce and reap the benefits of AR technology in their Android apps.

Over the last few years, ARCore support has been extended to most of the Android flagships launched along these years, however, some features do not work and the glitch has been discovered only recently with the resolution to them waiting its turn.

The list of flagships smartphones that are compatible with ARCore has been updated by Google, wherein it has been mentioned that 4 smartphones aren’t compatible with Autofocus feature in A4 mode, namely: LG V30, LG V35, LG V40, and LG G7, with different versions of these models such as LG G7 Fit, LG G7 One, LG V30+, LG Signature Edition 2018 not supporting ARcore either.

Although an official word from LG is yet to come out, the problem seems to be a software glitch that will be attended and fixed efficiently by the company soon enough. On a positive note, LG has geared up for some big announcements in the future, that includes a 5G smartphone to unveil at MWC 2019. One can be fairly certain that this Autofocus bug will be fixed before the mega event.