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New Update: YouTube now recommends videos to download

Jan 30, 2019, 12:15 pm

YouTube got its new ability to show video download recommendations which were initially available in selected markets. Though the offline play feature was supported way back in 2014 now, the new YouTube recommended Videos feature is being rolled out to a broader audience, on both the Android and iOS platforms.

The latest update will allow YouTube users to see a list of recommended content on the Download page below any videos they have already downloaded for offline view. Earlier this month, reports had surfaced suggesting that the video sharing platform was testing a new “recommended downloads.”

The screenshots then rumored showed blue bubbles just underneath the video player showing more specific video recommendations which are now being rolled out to a wider audience, on both the Android and iOS platforms.

According to the document, these videos won’t consume any data unless a user chooses to download them and users will be free to opt out of the recommendations by going to Settings then Backgrounds & Downloads.

If your phone happens to be offline when you want to download YouTube recommended videos, the next time the user connects to a Wi-Fi network your video will be automatically downloaded. The new feature can be easily disabled if you don’t want to receive download recommendations. But its a bad news for users in India and US, as YouTube is yet to bring the update here.

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