Chinese telecommunications vendor ZTE has launched the second generation of the Android TV AI set-top box (STB) B866V2, which accommodates the latest Android TV platform and supports Dolby Vision on the previous generation, including features like 4K, open platform, and intelligence, having been equipped with an ultra-strong GPU.

Reportedly, the ZTE B866V2 set-top box utilizes the latest 64-bit architecture chip, enabling 4K ultra-high definition video and 10-bit color depth video decoding, by virtue of the super quad-core central processing unit (CPU) and five-core graphics processing unit (GPU).

The new set-top box is dependent on an open platform and software framework-based APK, which allows users to download an application for more services.

It moreover incorporates personalized video services such as precision recommendation, smart advertising, near-field voice search, and control thanks to the support of ZTE’s big data platform.

It differs from ZTE’s 4K set-top box B866 that it launched in September 2018 in that the B866 integrates ‘dual ecosystems’ while B866V2 is clearly just for Android and supports Dolby Vision.

ZTE Corporation gives strong competition in the field of IPTV and OTT STB products. ZTE’s STB products have been widely used in many countries, including China, Indonesia, Netherlands, and Russia.