Google’s second ad at the 2019 SuperBowl retained the beauty of its first ad promoting Google Translate and propagates its innovative new move, ‘Job Search for Veterans’. It allows veterans and US service members to quickly find jobs tailor-made for them simply by entering their military occupational specialty codes like MOS, AFSC, NEC along with the words ‘Job Search for Veterans’. It is a part of the Grow with Google Initiative which was launched in 2017 to teach digital skills in America and give rise to job opportunities given the current state of rising automation.

Google invested $1 billion for the Grow with Google initiative and includes partnerships with local libraries in an attempt to hold workshops to teach requisite skills to those in search of jobs, as well as the ones involved in small businesses. To allow those with small businesses to find jobs more efficiently, Google last year introduced ‘Jobs for Veterans’ to give them access to “relevant civilian jobs that require similar skills to those used in their military roles.”

Helping people find connections between skills developed in the military and civilian jobs is just one of the many ways we’re working to create useful tools and programs for transitioning service members, veterans, and military families—a community that’s sacrificed so much in service to our country. – Google

The ad is simple, over a minute long, with its focus on the utilities provided by Google. Nothing towards the beginning of the ad can hint that it is from Google, and a partial glimpse of the Google logo beneath which the search words are being typed appears at the very end of the clip.

Google’s first ad showcased at this year’s SuperBowl was the ‘100 Billion Words’ ad promoting Google Translate. It showed people across a wide range of age and race translating three most common phrases, “How are you?”, “Thank you!”, and “I love you.”

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