At Game Developer Conference 2019, Microsoft is set to expand its cross-platform support for its Xbox Live online service to gamers on Android and iOS mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch.

There are a few Microsoft games out there now that have support for Xbox Live across mobile devices, such as Minecraft that needs an Xbox Live login on Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch. With the new cross-platform service rolling out, Microsoft will support more than its games.

The Game Developers Conference sessions will preview a new cross-platform SDK that will allow game developers to connect players on the Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Once cross-platform support is expanded on Xbox Live, players will be able to access their gaming achievements, friends list, clubs, and more on several devices.

The GDC 2019  website, describes Microsoft’s future plans for Xbox Live. Microsoft brings its future plans to leverage its powerful PlayFab suite of backend tools as part of this package, with the goal to streamline the process for developers building live games across multiple platforms.

The description notes that Xbox Live players will be able to take their gaming achievement history, friends list, clubs, and more with them to almost every screen they might have. The session will target game services engineers who are looking to save time and expand their customer base by allowing Microsoft’s Xbox Live to handle multiplayer interactions and game producers who are planning a multi-platform strategy that will allow players to access their games on different devices.