Xiaomi has confirmed that its second generation Black Shark 2 gaming phone is well on the way of completion. The phone, codenamed Skywalker, is almost ready to debut this spring.

On Weibo, Black Shark’s product director Wang Teng Thomas described the new phone as “full of personality, very cool.” However, there aren’t more details about the upcoming gaming phone, although a previous leak suggests that the phone will contain Snapdragon 855, 8GB RAM and Android Pie OS.

The first generation Black Shark phone had launched in China in April 2018, and it is expected that Black Shark 2, too, would be announced in China around April of this year.

The first generation Black Shark was not released in India, but with the boost in smartphone gaming culture in the country, introducing the Black Shark 2 in the Indian market might just be a good experimental move for Xiaomi.