7 Web development trends that will shape your online market now and beyond

The tech world is evolving at a Panasonic speed, necessitating an equally fast response from tech experts. Web developers, in particular, have a lot in their hands going into 2019. Many technological trends have come up in the recent past and many which are threatening to revolutionize web development processes in 2019. This post showcases the seven most promising web development trends in 2019 and how they will shape the online market now and beyond. Please be our guest.

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1. Artificial Intelligence will have a bigger role to play

AI has gained root in the web and IT worlds in the recent past. Web designers have recently been deploying AI in the labor-intensive part of web development and only leaving the fine tuning part to human developers. This has significantly made web development easy, cost-effective, and efficient.

Artificial Intelligence

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Going into 2019, AI’s role in web development is likely to grow a notch higher as web developers and administrators try to leverage the power of technology to boost their conversion rates and ROI. Retail websites, for example, will be using Chatbots to improve their online customer service.

Through Machine Learning, a Chatbot can become more efficient shopping assistants than human. Once an online potential shopper searches for a product in a given website, a Chatbot can be able to scan through the available products and recommend the most suitable option for the shopper based on size, type, price, and user preferences. Voice searches will also be big in 2019 all thanks to Machine Learning.

2. AMPs will get more popular

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) have made websites mobile friendly by reducing pages’ load time to under a second. Google has been sponsoring the AMP open-source project for almost three years now and if it’s a past success is anything to go by, 2019 might see an unprecedented AMP growth. Mobile users currently account for over 60% of all internet users which makes AMP priceless… anything that improves the user experience for mobile users will be highly sought after by web developers and admins.

3. Developers will need to build more Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

For the longest time now, web developers have been attempting to make sites that work on desktop browsers to equally work on mobile browsers. The AMP project is among the tools that have bridged this gap pretty well. But a new problem has presented itself since smartphones became the most used browsers: Websites must now optimize website apps in a manner that emulates mobile apps, failure to which they will lose a great deal of mobile traffic. That’s where PWA comes in.

Web Apps

PWA suits the needs of the modern smartphone user perfectly well. They can be added to a mobile home screen just like other cool apps, doesn’t need too much data to open, and can send users real-time notifications. This increases user engagement with content in a given website by 400% and conversion rate by over 100%. Web developers who will ignore this new trend in 2019 will be setting their websites up for failure.

Web development trends change all the time and so should your web design. To help you keep pace with these new trends and others, you may need the assistance of experienced and talented web developers. Are you wondering where you can get the said experts? Well, you can always outsource to Europe. A study done by Outsource2EU shows that Europe is currently the continent with the most talented web developers who can deliver any type of outcome that you desire.

4. Extensions will become universally compatible

Traditionally, browser extensions have been developed with a particular browser in mind. Chrome extensions, for example, are coded specifically for Chrome browsers and cannot be compatible with, say Firefox browsers. Going forward, tech developers will have to code browser extensions with a broader compatibility function in order to improve the user experience for all internet users across the world. 2019 will see Chrome web extensions getting compatible with Firefox and other browsers.

5. Increased IoT integration


As smart technology gets more and more popular by the year, tech futurists project that more than 31 billion devices will be connected within the next couple of years. 2019 is a vital point in time when this revolution will start gaining shape. Web developers will, therefore, have to integrate IoT into their development processes early enough in order to leverage the power that this technology will grow into by 2020.

6. Motion Designing will be big

The concentration span of modern online users is dwindling by the day. To keep them glued on a website, designers have been leveraging the power of visual content- images and videos. Enters motion designs and things get even more interesting for web developers. Motion designs incorporate video illustrations, 3D image viewing, and animations. All these increase a user’s engagement time with a website and draws his or her attention to the areas that matter most within the website.

7. Developers will move to leverage Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

SPAs use JavaScript to load all the relevant content in a given page in one go so that a user doesn’t need to keep reloading for new content over and over again. This makes browsing fast and fun for the user and prompts him/her to spend more time on the site. Any developer who understands how vital reduced bounce rate for online visitors is to a website for as far as SEO is concerned cannot ignore this trend in 2019.

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