Most companies have already taken the step to the cloud following the path of digital transformation and immediately began to benefit from this entails. To carry out a correct digital transformation, it is essential to have well-planned planning, as well as being advised by technological consultancies specialized in this type of projects. Once the migration to the cloud and the corresponding processes of adoption and management to the change are completed, these companies quickly begin to see the cloud with different eyes and an infinity of possibilities are opened in the short or medium term.

As companies begin to grow towards the cloud, the time may come when they will face a complex cloud environment, which makes it difficult for them to calculate and estimate real costs. This occurs when:

1. Thousands of resources are executed in the cloud, with their associated costs and dependencies.

2. It works with multi-cloud environments, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud Platform.

3. Needs arise from various business units and projects.

This last point focuses on the complexity involved in managing to spend on different departments of our organization and obviously, each department has a different vision regarding the expenses generated in the cloud. For example:

1. The IT managers need to understand cloud spending throughout the organization to ensure the best ROI

2. The finance teams need to improve forecasting spending on cloud and drive greater accountability on all computers as well as rebilling in some cases.

3. The project teams need to deliver more with the budget you have given them.

Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn

Luckily, Microsoft now has a new SaaS service that provides a comprehensive understanding of the use and cost of the cloud across multiple accounts and providers. This service is Azure Cost Management, also called Cloudyn.

Cloudyn was an Israeli startup specialized in optimizing the cloud. It is responsible for giving a budget for the different services that are hosted in the cloud, in addition to the instances and other services that you need to use, trying to be as small as possible and only for what is necessary. Cloudyn is compatible with both Azure and AWS or Google.

With an advanced dashboard system of customizable graphics down to the smallest detail, it allows us to work with segmented and aggregated views so that we can see a high-level snapshot of our implementation, as well as individual accounts and critical areas.

It has an essential recommendation system that allows us to improve efficiency and reduce costs, as well as improve the performance of our implementation. With the vision that Cloudyn offers us, we will achieve a clearer understanding of all the costs we have in the cloud and a very accurate cost estimate for the coming months. And to avoid surprises, we also have a system of alerts that can prevent us from any anomaly or risks of excessive expenses.