Xiaomi is eventually expanding its products from electronics to wearables. In India, the company has mainly focused on smartphones, accessories and television sector. However, the company is slowly turning the focus on lifestyle products as well. Surprisingly, the company has launched a pair of sports shoes in the country which is called Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2.

Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 has been made from 5-in-1 Uni Molding Technology. It is made up of 5 different materials, so it is shock absorbent, durable and slip-resistant. Its 10-fishbone structure provides comfortable coaching while supporting against accidental spray.

These have been engineered using what Xiaomi calls the 5-in-1 uni-molding technology. This means there is a mix of five different materials making up the mid-sole in the Xiaomi Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2, all joined together, in an attempt to find the combination between comfort, durability, and performance.

The upper part is engineered with a breathable fabric, something similar to what Nike (Flyknit) and Reebok (Ultra-knit) offers. Xiaomi is bringing the all-black, grey and blue colorways to India first, though it is expected that the white and orange colorways will find their way to our stores shortly.

The Xiaomi Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 is available in three color variants which are Black, Blue, and Dark Gray. The shoes are currently available on Xiaomi India’s crowdfunding platform for a price of Rs 2,499 which includes a limited discount of Rs 500, and the deliveries will commence from 15 March.