Call it an urban myth, a hoax,  or even fake news, but Facebook in its post has made it clear that it has not changed its algorithm to limit its user’s news feed to only 26 friends. Facebook announced that none of the user’s news feed had been defined regardless of what they may have seen from friends. The reason for such a hoax might be because someone has posted this fake information and others have shared it and made it go viral.

This all started in December 2017 and went viral after Facebook announced that it was changing its algorithm to show you more posts from your friends and fewer posts from media companies, influencers, and other public sources.

After Facebook announced an algorithm change that would reduce the number of times you’d see content from certain news publishers, some people at least wondered, and at worst, believed, that they could only see content from few numbers of their friends.

Facebook says that they would go on to add new controls so that people can get rid of this sudden hoax that is highlighted more by memes and Facebook pages. According to Facebook, these memes have been debunked by various news organizations as well, including the Washington Post. Still, people are convinced this is true.