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Skype video calls can now blur backgrounds; a webcam’s portrait mode

Feb 7, 2019, 5:59 am

The video conferencing service Skype has introduced a new blurred background feature for more distraction-free video calling. The feature was first introduced in the company’s Teams collaboration app, and it has finally made its way to Skype.

According to Skype’s announcement, the new feature works like the background blur functionality in Microsoft Teams, which was introduced back in September. The background blur feature in Skype and Teams rely on artificial intelligence (AI) which has been trained in human form detection and is used to keep the person in focus during the call.

The detection is trained to understand human hair, hands, skin, facial contours, and limbs, and constantly analyses the surroundings basis the movement of the person on the call screen, to keep the rest of the background blurred.

To activate the feature all you need to do is select the “blur my background” option to activate this for the duration you leave this option enabled. It should subtly conceal your surroundings while leaving you in focus.

This feature will come quite handy for those people who find it really tough to clean up their room or rather their background before making a video call. This feature will no doubt help you blur out everything that is behind letting the other participant focus only on the call rather than the background.

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