HP’s new patent for a smart pen is looking to push boundaries of what a smart pen can do

Feb 9, 2019, 6:00 am

Bipasha M.

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Samsung had done something exceptional with its digital Pen, the S Pen. They were able to re-imagine the extent to which they could have pushed their boundaries and they, indeed, succeeded. Taking the ability of the Pen beyond performing the regular and usual stuff, such as writing texts and scribbling doodles and art on a display, they updated the S Pen with remote functionality.

The Pen’s side trigger could be used to take a photo without even having to touch their smartphone. Samsung’s venture did not stop at that. As of now, Samsung’s new patent is trying to foresee the S Pen acting as a camera. This S Pen camera will also have an advanced optical zoom. HP is quick to jump to the occasion and as such, HP also wants to join in this new smartpen trend. A new HP patent application has been released which showcases a next-gen digital pen which has newly added functionality, and a gesture system to better help the students, small businesses, and professionals by adding extended functionality.

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HP’s patent application was filed back in August 2018. The added new and extended functionalities could now perform a zoom operation, a rotate operation, a multimedia streaming operation, and a presentation slide operation. The battery power may be used to activate a sensor and the Bluetooth interface and this interface may be a medium in transmitting a control signal to an electronic device with a touch-sensitive display.

The smartpen may also have the ability to recognize gesture so that it can map input gestures to the gesture commands defined in an electronic device. A gyro sensor embedded in the smart pen will be able to detect the vertical and horizontal mode. The gesture in horizontal mode can perform multimedia streaming operations. This mode can be activated by holding the input pen horizontally while the pen’s trigger button is activated. On the other hand, the gesture in a vertical mode may perform screen operations and it is defined by holding the input pen vertically while the trigger is activated.

Apple too is, in fact, eyeing the same patent and a specific patent found in the Apple Pencil Archives could perform whatever HP patent is promising. Apple may even take it further by integrating the Apple Pencil with future AR and mixed reality headsets.

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