8 Tips in choosing the highest paying web hosting affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is an “in” thing in the world of internet marketing today. With revenues projected to hit more than six billion dollars by 2020, there is so much potential if you know how to tweak your content to earn the most out of this pie. Check out this Web Design Booth that can help you create an attractive page. Here are also eight tips you can utilize to choose the highest-paying web hosting affiliate program.

Check Earnings Per Click

You want to make the most out of your content. It is important to check how much a particular program pays for every 100 clicks your content gets. Compare several programs and identify the highest-paying one.

Check Commission

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This is the amount the advertiser pays affiliates for every client they direct to a particular page. You should go for one with a mix of high commissions and favorable terms.

Consider Reviews

Not all web hosting affiliate programs will pay you for your efforts. Some are out to get your content and kick you out. Before allowing any program to use your content, do due diligence to make sure that they have a good reputation.

Check Popularity

The more popular a program is, the more likely it is going to get clients. All you need is to have content with a link directing clients to the hosting program and then smile your way to the bank.

Cookie duration is the length of time a cookie will be stored on your computer. It determines how long you can earn from that particular cookie. The common or standard cookie time is usually 30 days, but you will find some with just seven days and some with more than 90 days. The longer the time, the more your earning will be.

Cost of Products/Services

The cost of products or services determines how much you earn. Try and go for high-value products to make a killing. You would rather earn a 3% commission on a product that costs $1000 than a 10% commission on one that costs $50.

Create a Mix of Products to Promote

Even though your target is to maximize your earnings, you might have to wait a long time if you only promote high-value products. Having a mix of programs ensures that you earn consistently. Small gains earned over a long period end up being massive profits. So, do not frown upon such gains if they are to be over a long time.

Check the Hosting Charges

Much as you are promoting a web hosting affiliate program, it is important to consider how much they are charging clients to determine the likelihood of the clients seeking a particular program’s services. New clients that are just starting out tend to go for programs charging the lowest amounts since they are still experimenting. Try and have content focused on this category of clients as well as those who go for high-end services to maximize your earnings.

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