WhatsApp is all set to be revamped as its latest beta version goes live for testers. With a build number of v2.19.45, the beta version has a completely new ‘Settings’ menu, complete with the relocation of a few existing icons and introduction of some new ones, besides a completely new user interface.

In the first place, the main ‘Settings’ menu has attained a new dedicated ‘Payments’ option that shall give users access to a history of payments made via WhatsApp and details of the bank accounts linked to the same. The ‘Accounts’ section of the ‘Setting’ has a dedicated icon, as opposed to the stable version’s lack of sub-section iconography. The options of ‘Security’, ‘Change number’, and ‘Two-step verification’ and options under ‘Help’ have received new icons, while the options under ‘Notification’ remain unchanged.

‘Data and storage usage,’ for its part, now shows users their total count of data exchanged under the option ‘Network Usage,’ and the amount of device memory being used by WhatsApp under ‘Storage’ along with related information concerning ‘date’ and ‘time.’ Network Usage now also has a new look for displaying calls, media, and messages parameters, with dedicated icons for each, followed by their individual storage information. As of now, the Information Interface is unavailable on the stable version of the messenger app.

WhatsApp has recently launched two-step biometric (fingerprint or Face ID) authentication option to the Setting for accessing the app on iOS and it is being speculated that Android may receive a similar feature soon. Besides, the app seems to be planning also to integrate third-party stickers to its keyboard, and add a Dark Mode to itself to marginally lessen eye fatigue and battery usage. It is also killing more than two million spam profiles monthly.

Most of the changes, functional in nature, were first spotted by WeBetaInfo, who claims that a stable version of the beta shall be launched soon. As of now, interested users may register themselves to the Whatsapp Beta programme to download the beta version from Google Play Store or access its APK file from APKMirror.