Today the Adobe blog, written by Loni Stark, announced that they are going to release the latest version of the Experience Manager. Adobe will also share some of their innovations so as to help other brands lead in Customer Experience Management (CXM). In this age, of the developed and advanced communication system, especially at a time when almost all of the tasks are done online, to keep the experiences of the consumers personalized and dynamic, has proved to be a challenging task.

Consumers have come to expect more than personalization from brands; they require companies to navigate the fine edge between being relevant and not creepy to win their loyalty. Consumers demand that brand’s digital experiences have the EQ of the most socially evolved humans. – Lin Written

Adobe has always been up in the front when it comes to being the industry leader in digital experience management for web content management, digital asset management, and customer communications. Adobe’s Experience Manager helps in boosting various companies’ asset creation and it has in fact driven an average 20% increase in team productivity and increased revenue through improved digital experiences year after year.

The new version of the Adobe Experience manager comes with a new set of improved content. It will help boost content velocity. Users can find, edit, and reuse digital assets that reside in Experience Manager Assets directly within Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC. It will also provide its users a faster, and more flexible way for marketing teams to manage assets with their respective global colleagues.

Adobe Experience ManagementThe Interactive Communications part enables authors to make the communication ratio between the author and personalize multichannel customer communications at 1:1 scale. The new Single-Page Application Editor helps developers to preview, edit, and manage content in context. The integration with Adobe Analytics will optimize experiences by dynamically personalizing signage content. The Adobe Sign Cloud Signatures empowers customers to digitally sign documents, while at the same time, be in accord with the regulatory requirements. The Visual Search will help users find similar images to a specific asset in the blink of an eye.

Other specifications include Smart Tags for video and Smart Crop for Video. Autoscaling, in general, will help the IT overall in their performance which includes making sure that the end user experience is not impacted by operational limitations. Frictionless Upgrades will make sure that the upcoming updates run smoothly and hassle-free to make sure that teams get access to the latest version of Experience Manager with minimal downtime.

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