Tesla has unveiled a new dog mode for pet owners to create a safe environment for the four-legged animal to stay in the car while the car is kept unattended by the owner. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been tweeting long about this feature, and now, they’re here for electric vehicles equipped with Enhanced Autopilot and built after August 2017.

What is the new dog mode? The new mode sets the interior temperature to a safe level of your choice, but the note for humans is that extra Tesla style shining through. Owners will be able to activate from within the climate controls screen. The on-screen message may not prevent from some imminent dangers, but it is still far better than no message at all.

This new mode includes an on-screen notification that the dog or the pet in the vehicle is okay. The dog mode also makes it easier for the owners by displaying the current interior temperature in the car in case the passerby needs more evidence than a note.

New features like Dog Mode and Sentry Mode highlight the flexibility and foresight that Tesla put into its vehicles. Not only did it build a fantastic vehicle lineup that has loads of great features today but also features that will help in keeping pets in comfort.

In October, a Twitter user and a Tesla Model 3 owner posted a request to Musk, asking him whether it is possible to have a ‘Dog Mode’ in which the music and the AC are running, and the passersby get a message saying that the owner will be right back. Tesla CEO did take the request seriously and voila!