Upcoming Chromium feature to allow linking text on webpages

Feb 15, 2019, 1:59 pm

Sayantoni B.

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All Chromium-powered browsers are set to have a new feature soon, that lets users link any particular piece of text on a webpage. This brand new addition, based on a GitHub project, will create links for almost any word, sentence, or paragraphs.

Currently, only linking to words or entire web pages is possible if only there are anchors created for it by the developer. But this upcoming feature will be able to generate links to any section of text, even without anchors.

“We propose encoding a text snippet in the URL fragment, prefixed with the targetText= string. Since text can contain characters invalid in a URL (e.g. spaces), the text must be percent-encoded. For example, #targetText=My%20Heading would cause the first occurrance of “My Heading” on the page to be selected as the indicated part of the document.”

According to ChromeStory, this feature probably to be named ‘Scroll to Text’, is not yet available on Google Chrome, or even the testing browser Canary, but is presently being built and will be launched pretty soon.

Although this feature will arrive on Google Chrome first, it will soon be offered by all other major browsers. In fact, the default Windows 10 browser with Microsoft Edge is set to migrate from EdgeHTML to Chromium, and a preview of rebuilt application is also on its way.

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