Latest Automotive News reports have confirmed the debut of a new mid-engine V8 hybrid supercar by Ferrari this year. The then-CEO of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne had teased the arrival of a supercar to markets last year.

Reports say that the car will not be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month, but later instead. It will sit above the 488 Pista, as it will have more power. Reports also confirmed that deliveries of the car are to begin from early 2020, as current Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri stated on January 31.

The supercar will come with a hybrid drivetrain, which will be a major step-up for Ferrari since this will mark the availability of hybrid tech beyond just limited-edition models like the KERS-boosted LaFerrari, but in a “regular lifecycle” model. Camilleri further said that by 2022, Ferrari is going to have a hybrid variant in 60 percent of its lineup.

The car’s V8 gasoline engine will be coupled with an electric motor and will offer more hp than the 184-hp 488 Pista,  according to Ferrari’s chief technology officer Michael Leiters. A hybrid drivetrain will not only enhance performance but also lower CO2 emissions, by making it fuel efficient.

The supercar with Ferrari’s electrified technology will generate more profits than the 12-cylinder 812 Superfast in Camilleri’s own words. Besides, he also confirmed that a fully electric car will arrive after 2022.