We are all familiar with the feeling when we post a tweet with some mistake on it and don’t even have any option other than deleting the post altogether and reposting the correct version. This might undergo just a little bit of modification in the near future.

At today’s Sachs’ Internet and Technology Conference in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that Twitter is pondering over a “clarification” feature that would allow users to include additional context for tweets, especially old tweets, in order to make users feel more comfortable with what they share on the social networking platform. It would be something close to a ‘quote tweet.’

One of the concepts we’re thinking about is clarifications…Kind of like retweet with comment…to add some context and some color on what they might have tweeted, or what they might have meant – Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO

Through the clarification button, the original tweet and the subsequent clarification provided would come in tandem.

If we can figure that out then we take an excuse off the table of people saying, ‘I don’t want this massive history,’ – Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO

There have been numerous cases where old tweets of high profile Twitter users have been dug up, which have created controversies and have addressed possible problematic statements that these users had posted in the past.

The effectiveness of the possible “clarifying” feature is questionable, especially if the tweet is all kinds of dubious and offensive, although it can help cease the spread of inaccurate information and prevent misinterpretation.

Dorsey has clarified that the inclusion of this in Twitter is undecided as of now.