How is Gmail better than other email providers? 5 Reasons

Google was launched on September 15, 1997, and at that time no one can expect that Google will be the most popular website and search engine of the 2000s. Now in 2018, Google is playing the role of King in the cyber world and everyone (every site) trying to impress king of the cyber world to be on No #1 in the organic search.

And no doubt Google has changed the face of Cyberworld. Not only the Google search engine but its products are helping netizens all over the world. So as you saw the title. Yes, today here in this article, I will highlight the reasons why Gmail is better than any emailing system.

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When Google had launched there were many competitors like Yahoo who were already famous in the market but its a rule of nature. Run fast; otherwise, your competitor will ruin you.

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Google+ is one of the examples of this quote. Google+ already reveals its shut down plans.

These Are 5 Reasons Due To Which Gmail Is Better Than Any Other Emailing System

1. Run fast

As I mentioned above, Run fast otherwise, your competitor will ruin you, Since, Gmail was launched it is continuously updating its features like Gmail Auto-reply, Gmail has user-friendly apps for Android and iOS users. There are many features that Gmail is offering and this is the main reason that Gmail is better than any other emailing system.

2. Security and privacy of Gmail

Every netizen who is serious about its online privacy, then he or she always go for a safe option to transfer his personal data or email from one place to another. So Gmail 2-factor authentication makes Gmail one of the secure mailing systems.

Security and PrivacyThe great news is that Google pays thousands of dollars to ethical hackers to check the flaws of its products.

3. In the recent update of Gmail

Gmail has added smart compose feature. In this feature, Gmail auto-suggestions, suggest the words according to your sentence structure.

I have taken a screenshot while preparing this article.

Message Suggestion

4. The 4th reason is goodwill

Yes, goodwill plays a vital role in the popularity of any product so here, in this case, the name of Google is goodwill for Gmail as Google has a popular name in the cyber world, so netizens always go for a brand which already has a name in the cyber world.

5. 5th reason is the drive

Google Drive is another helpful product of Google where you can store any of your data or file. So, Google Docs that is present in Google Drive can be used to write different articles. For sharing those articles on Google Drive with others, you can use Gmail.

Google DriveSo these are some major factors due to which Gmail is better than any other emailing system, but I know there are many other significant factors that I have missed in this article so its time to you guys to share those factors with us below in the comment section.

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