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4 Benefits of using HostGator

Feb 18, 2019, 4:25 am

Hostgator: Web Hosting Made Easy & Affordable

Optimize your website performance with varnish cache enabled Linux hosting plans. The lightning fast website with one-click Installs option and intuitive control panel. Get 99.9% uptime guarantee and up to 50% discount.

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Since its inception in 2002, HostGator has built an unrivaled reputation as one of the most popular web hosts across the globe. Indeed, considering this company for your hosting needs comes with plenty of benefits. Here are a few such benefits to begin with:

1) Great Speed and Performance

To succeed online, your site’s performance is just as important as anything else. You only need a few minutes to capture your visitor’s attention. If wow them within those first few seconds, then they will not hesitate to leave your site and possibly never to come back again.

A slow site will frustrate your visitors. This is where the role of quality web hosting services comes in handy. Reviews from reputable platforms such as The Hosting Institute should help you make the best decision regarding your choice of the best web hosting services provider.

Hostgator Hosting Plans to Meet Every Need

The lightning fast website with one-click Installs option and intuitive control panel. Get 99.9% uptime guarantee and up to 50% discount.

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HostGator is one such a viable option to give a try. For optimal performance, HostGator servers come with cutting-edge Linux container technology, which is paired up with built-in redundancy. This ensures your website runs faster and efficiently. Slow loading speeds lead to poor measure in user experience metrics. That will ultimately affect your site’s ranking in the search engines. However, with HostGator, loading speeds will never be an issue for you.

2) Outstanding Customer Support Team

Providing products or services through a website demands critical features and one of them is timely and helpful customer support. The best way to build an unrivaled online reputation is by providing outstanding technical support whenever necessary.

Your hosting company should also take into your roots and commit to providing great support at all times. Going offline is always likely to cost your sales. However, having a good hosting provider that you can turn to at such a crucial moment to help you save your business will ensure you accelerate the growth of your business hassle free. HostGator will provide web-hosting services with a technical team at your disposal.

3) Strong Security Features

It is surprising that web security is one of the most vital yet easily ignored aspects of online businesses. While there is a consensus among a vast majority that attaining a 100% secure website is nearly impossible, it is still crucial to secure your website. Remember, predicting the next security threat is never easy since nobody knows where the next threat might originate from.

It is advisable to take the initial steps towards making your website as secure as possible. It should be mentioned that your host service provider is the epitome of your website’s security. HostGator boasts multiple levels of security to secure your website easily.

For instance, its flood protection at the network level is ideal for your web security. Besides, it also partners with SiteLock to ensure maximum protection of your site against malware, viruses, and spam. It never stops there because its strong DDoS attack protection is essential for the safe and efficient running of your website.

4) High Reliability and Uptime

Simply put, uptime refers to how often your site will be online. Given that people cannot buy your products when your site is offline, considering a hosting company with high uptime is the best decision you can ever make. With an uptime of 99.96%, HostGator is arguably the most reliable host service company with only 1 hour of downtime every year.

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