Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 13,445,067
    Confirmed: 13,445,067
    Active: 5,034,143
    Recovered: 7,830,692
    Death: 580,232
  • USA 3,543,750
    Confirmed: 3,543,750
    Active: 1,814,467
    Recovered: 1,590,159
    Death: 139,124
  • Brazil 1,931,204
    Confirmed: 1,931,204
    Active: 643,430
    Recovered: 1,213,512
    Death: 74,262
  • India 937,487
    Confirmed: 937,487
    Active: 320,092
    Recovered: 593,080
    Death: 24,315
  • Russia 739,947
    Confirmed: 739,947
    Active: 215,508
    Recovered: 512,825
    Death: 11,614
  • Peru 333,867
    Confirmed: 333,867
    Active: 98,377
    Recovered: 223,261
    Death: 12,229
  • Chile 319,493
    Confirmed: 319,493
    Active: 23,204
    Recovered: 289,220
    Death: 7,069
  • Mexico 304,435
    Confirmed: 304,435
    Active: 79,881
    Recovered: 189,063
    Death: 35,491
  • Spain 303,699
    Confirmed: 303,699
    Active: 275,290
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,409
  • South Africa 298,292
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 298,292
    Active: 147,667
    Recovered: 146,279
    Death: 4,346
  • UK 291,373
    Confirmed: 291,373
    Active: 246,405
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,968
  • Iran 262,173
    Confirmed: 262,173
    Active: 23,692
    Recovered: 225,270
    Death: 13,211
  • Pakistan 253,604
    Confirmed: 253,604
    Active: 77,628
    Recovered: 170,656
    Death: 5,320
  • Italy 243,344
    Confirmed: 243,344
    Active: 12,919
    Recovered: 195,441
    Death: 34,984
  • Saudi Arabia 237,803
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 237,803
    Active: 57,960
    Recovered: 177,560
    Death: 2,283
  • Turkey 214,993
    Confirmed: 214,993
    Active: 12,871
    Recovered: 196,720
    Death: 5,402
  • Germany 200,704
    Confirmed: 200,704
    Active: 6,063
    Recovered: 185,500
    Death: 9,141
  • Bangladesh 190,057
    Confirmed: 190,057
    Active: 84,406
    Recovered: 103,227
    Death: 2,424
  • France 172,377
    Confirmed: 172,377
    Active: 63,751
    Recovered: 78,597
    Death: 30,029
  • Canada 108,486
    Confirmed: 108,486
    Active: 27,518
    Recovered: 72,170
    Death: 8,798
  • China 83,605
    Confirmed: 83,605
    Active: 297
    Recovered: 78,674
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 51,146
    Confirmed: 51,146
    Active: 45,011
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,135
  • S. Korea 13,512
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,512
    Active: 941
    Recovered: 12,282
    Death: 289
  • Australia 10,250
    Confirmed: 10,250
    Active: 2,307
    Recovered: 7,835
    Death: 108
  • New Zealand 1,545
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,545
    Active: 25
    Recovered: 1,498
    Death: 22

Samsung 5G network to broadcast its ‘Mobile World Live TV’ at MWC19 Barcelona

Author at TechGenyz Tech
Mobile World Live TV
The official media channel of the MWC19 Barcelona, Mobile World Live TV, will be broadcasted live by Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics itself announced today that using their 5G network, they will be live broadcasting the entire event. The Live stream will be aired on big screens throughout the venue, Fira Gran Via and the lobbies and bedrooms of more than 280 hotels in Barcelona will also be subjected to the live stream broadcast. The live broadcast is supposed to cover the entirety of the event which will last for five days. So, for five days, the interviews, features, and keynotes from renowned industry leaders will be a part of the live stream. What is remarkable about this live streaming event is that this is going to be the first year in which the 5G live broadcasting will be taking place in the Mobile World Live TV. Samsung’s 5G solutions used for this live streaming comprises of a radio access unit (5G Radio) and a 5G router (CPE). These will go behind the mechanics of the High Definition Television Video (HDTV) camera located at the booth of Mobile World Live TV in Broadcast Village, Gran Via. 5G broadcast which uses an ultra-low latency for transmission is able to overcome the difficulties faced by any normal fiber-based network. As is the case with any live event, it engages the viewers at a level unmatched by a, say, pre-recorded event. So it demands seamless transmission of high-quality and large capacity content via whatever medium possible without having to face any kind of latency. Whether this venture will be, success will be determined by the experiences of the users and which in turn will provide necessary and sufficient information for seamless broadcasting in the near future.
We are thrilled to demonstrate how our latest technology can make an outstanding difference in creating new possibilities for broadcast at MWC19 Barcelona, the largest trade show in the mobile industry. - GY Seo, The Senior Vice President and Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics
Commenting on the live broadcasting event, Justin Springham, the Director of Media Content and Broadcast, GSMA said, “Mobile World Live TV has a history of using mobile technology to power its broadcast, with 4G cameras supporting live transmission from across Fira Gran Via and the city of Barcelona in previous years. For 2019 we are excited to broadcast using Samsung’s 5G network, enabling true seamless transmission without latency. Mobile World Live TV and Samsung will be at the forefront of offering immersive user experiences thanks to this 5G broadcast.” It should be mentioned that one of the major Korean operators has already chosen Samsung as their 5G vendor. The Mobile World Live TV will be aired from 4 pm CET on Sunday 24 February through to 4 pm Thursday 28 February.
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