Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 20,542,758
    Confirmed: 20,542,758
    Active: 6,335,778
    Recovered: 13,460,643
    Death: 746,337
  • USA 5,305,957
    Confirmed: 5,305,957
    Active: 2,382,600
    Recovered: 2,755,608
    Death: 167,749
  • Brazil 3,112,393
    Confirmed: 3,112,393
    Active: 766,170
    Recovered: 2,243,124
    Death: 103,099
  • India 2,332,908
    Confirmed: 2,332,908
    Active: 646,330
    Recovered: 1,640,362
    Death: 46,216
  • Russia 902,701
    Confirmed: 902,701
    Active: 177,143
    Recovered: 710,298
    Death: 15,260
  • South Africa 566,109
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 566,109
    Active: 129,233
    Recovered: 426,125
    Death: 10,751
  • Mexico 492,522
    Confirmed: 492,522
    Active: 105,793
    Recovered: 332,800
    Death: 53,929
  • Peru 489,680
    Confirmed: 489,680
    Active: 132,423
    Recovered: 335,756
    Death: 21,501
  • Chile 376,616
    Confirmed: 376,616
    Active: 16,897
    Recovered: 349,541
    Death: 10,178
  • Spain 373,692
    Confirmed: 373,692
    Active: 345,111
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,581
  • Iran 331,189
    Confirmed: 331,189
    Active: 23,769
    Recovered: 288,620
    Death: 18,800
  • UK 312,789
    Confirmed: 312,789
    Active: 266,161
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,628
  • Saudi Arabia 291,468
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 291,468
    Active: 33,117
    Recovered: 255,118
    Death: 3,233
  • Pakistan 285,921
    Confirmed: 285,921
    Active: 16,599
    Recovered: 263,193
    Death: 6,129
  • Bangladesh 263,503
    Confirmed: 263,503
    Active: 108,060
    Recovered: 151,972
    Death: 3,471
  • Italy 251,237
    Confirmed: 251,237
    Active: 13,561
    Recovered: 202,461
    Death: 35,215
  • Turkey 243,180
    Confirmed: 243,180
    Active: 11,152
    Recovered: 226,155
    Death: 5,873
  • Germany 219,530
    Confirmed: 219,530
    Active: 10,362
    Recovered: 199,900
    Death: 9,268
  • France 204,172
    Confirmed: 204,172
    Active: 90,982
    Recovered: 82,836
    Death: 30,354
  • Canada 120,421
    Confirmed: 120,421
    Active: 4,684
    Recovered: 106,746
    Death: 8,991
  • China 84,737
    Confirmed: 84,737
    Active: 761
    Recovered: 79,342
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 59,973
    Confirmed: 59,973
    Active: 53,814
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,159
  • Australia 22,127
    Confirmed: 22,127
    Active: 9,382
    Recovered: 12,393
    Death: 352
  • S. Korea 14,714
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,714
    Active: 623
    Recovered: 13,786
    Death: 305
  • New Zealand 1,570
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,570
    Active: 22
    Recovered: 1,526
    Death: 22

7 best virtual reality apps for your smartphone

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Persons are using VR

As virtual reality is becoming more known in the industry new apps are also coming in the market which supports virtual reality. If you are getting started on virtual reality you might have thought about the best apps you can give a try on your VR.

Virtual Reality Headsets give us a very good experience while playing games on smartphones that are made for VR Headsets. They are so technically advanced that you won’t feel for even a second that you are using a headset. You will feel that you are present in the scenario. There are many headsets available in the market available according to smartphone specs and your needs. You can read more about VR Headset on TechFuturae

Now coming back to the topic, these are the seven apps we suggest to give a try at least once with your VR Headset.


YouTube is not a new application it is one of the best platforms to watch videos. It allows you to watch 360-degree videos in virtual reality there are a variety of videos you can watch. We watched videos on ONN VR headsets and the quality was very good as if the things are happening just in front of you.

Google cardboard

One of the best application you can download on your phone to experience virtual reality. Talking about the best feature is that it helps the viewer to set up and learn more about any compatible viewer. This app acts as an introduction to what is available and this also helps you to find other VR compatible apps that you can try.

End space VR

It is a very addictive game to play on VR we started playing this on ONN VR and the effects were very good and the gaming experience was very smooth. In this game you simply take the ship and move your head the game simply starts with you having the ship and simply dodging all the obstacles coming you dodge the obstacle by moving your head.
The game is endless and has tons of ships and upgrade materials.


Minecraft has always been one of the best games and now this game has also a special VR edition by which users can get closer to the world of Minecraft. In the game, players can explore and build a new world and play with other players. The game comes with many interesting modes from survival to battle you can also play with your friends in an online co-op mode.

Virtual speech

One of the best app for people who wants to learn and explore. We all are not familiar talking to the crowd and practicing for the speech before speaking is the best way but practicing alone don’t dive the perfect experience but here comes this application it allows you to give a speech in front of a virtual audience with a virtual stage and it is one of the best application.


We all love to travel but sometimes we don’t have time to travel to our favorite place and here this application comes if you want to travel a location you can easily experience this by Orbulus by this app you can experience the sights and sounds of different landscapes from night to day.

Discovery VR

There are many of us who wants to live with creatures animals all over the world and all that you can almost do with this app when you use this app on your VR it throws you up in the habitat of the different animals. The app is really fun to use.


So these were our picks you should use and have fun that’s it for this article keep visiting our blog for more articles.