Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 20,236,931
    Confirmed: 20,236,931
    Active: 6,406,276
    Recovered: 13,092,792
    Death: 737,863
  • USA 5,249,809
    Confirmed: 5,249,809
    Active: 2,375,335
    Recovered: 2,708,314
    Death: 166,160
  • Brazil 3,057,470
    Confirmed: 3,057,470
    Active: 791,801
    Recovered: 2,163,812
    Death: 101,857
  • India 2,267,153
    Confirmed: 2,267,153
    Active: 640,160
    Recovered: 1,581,640
    Death: 45,353
  • Russia 892,654
    Confirmed: 892,654
    Active: 180,972
    Recovered: 696,681
    Death: 15,001
  • South Africa 563,598
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 563,598
    Active: 135,777
    Recovered: 417,200
    Death: 10,621
  • Mexico 480,278
    Confirmed: 480,278
    Active: 105,515
    Recovered: 322,465
    Death: 52,298
  • Peru 478,024
    Confirmed: 478,024
    Active: 132,932
    Recovered: 324,020
    Death: 21,072
  • Chile 375,044
    Confirmed: 375,044
    Active: 17,563
    Recovered: 347,342
    Death: 10,139
  • Spain 370,060
    Confirmed: 370,060
    Active: 341,484
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,576
  • Iran 328,844
    Confirmed: 328,844
    Active: 23,586
    Recovered: 286,642
    Death: 18,616
  • UK 311,641
    Confirmed: 311,641
    Active: 265,115
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,526
  • Saudi Arabia 289,947
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 289,947
    Active: 33,270
    Recovered: 253,478
    Death: 3,199
  • Pakistan 284,660
    Confirmed: 284,660
    Active: 17,799
    Recovered: 260,764
    Death: 6,097
  • Bangladesh 260,507
    Confirmed: 260,507
    Active: 106,632
    Recovered: 150,437
    Death: 3,438
  • Italy 250,825
    Confirmed: 250,825
    Active: 13,368
    Recovered: 202,248
    Death: 35,209
  • Turkey 241,997
    Confirmed: 241,997
    Active: 11,169
    Recovered: 224,970
    Death: 5,858
  • Germany 218,500
    Confirmed: 218,500
    Active: 11,335
    Recovered: 197,900
    Death: 9,265
  • France 202,775
    Confirmed: 202,775
    Active: 89,599
    Recovered: 82,836
    Death: 30,340
  • Canada 120,132
    Confirmed: 120,132
    Active: 4,790
    Recovered: 106,355
    Death: 8,987
  • China 84,668
    Confirmed: 84,668
    Active: 802
    Recovered: 79,232
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 59,194
    Confirmed: 59,194
    Active: 53,037
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,157
  • Australia 21,407
    Confirmed: 21,407
    Active: 9,217
    Recovered: 11,876
    Death: 314
  • S. Korea 14,626
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,626
    Active: 663
    Recovered: 13,658
    Death: 305
  • New Zealand 1,569
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,569
    Active: 21
    Recovered: 1,526
    Death: 22

Top alternative apps stores for Android in 2019

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
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We all know that Google Play Store is the most preferred app store within the internet. Of course, we all prefer this online store to download all the apps for Android smartphones. But did you know, like Google Play Store- you will be able to download to your Android apps from various other stores as well, and these stores are actually known as the alternative app stores for Android. You can just check out all the apps that are listed below, and of course, you can use them to download several android apps as well.

List of Alternative Apps Stores for Android in 2019

Below mentioned are the top apps ranked as the best alternatives to the Google Play Store. If you don’t have Google Play Store, don’t worry about it, you can use these stores and get your favorite Android apps on your Smartphone.

1. 9Apps

You might be already aware of 9Apps that have become the most popular and the best alternative to the apps stores for Android in recent times. 9Apps has got en number of features that you will be able to use within your Android smartphone. It is compared with Google Play Store because it has that much features and the benefits that you must check out. Get 9Apps for free from and look for the best features just like Google Play Store.

2. TuTuApp

TutuApp is one of the finest third-party app installers which is available in the market. There are lots of alternatives for the same, but still, TutuApp holds up a position with a lot of Apps and Games for its users. Here you can simply download the APK file and Access it easily without any much hassle.

Another thing is that the user interface is pretty amazing and the users can take out the app from its genre from the menu itself. Keep an eye on the future updates that will roll out with much more cool stuffs

3. Aptoide

Aptoide is another alternative to the app store for Android that is in the top list of the alternatives to the Google Play Store. Also, you need to know that this store has been created and developed as per the Google patterns and the formats. You can experience the best just like the Google Play Store. You can get this store on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and set-up boxes, smart TVs, and VR services as well.

4. Amazon App Store

The company Amazon has entered various fields and has diversified itself into a number of categories as well. The company has even launched its own app store for Android users. The store has got over 3, 30,000 categories and the variety of apps from these categories as well. It also offers the users to download the free app for a day, which will let you download a premium app from the store.

5. F-Droid

F-Droid, the name itself implies that it is for Android smartphones and Android users. It is another best alternative for the Google Play Store. You can just get the app store, and it is counted as the best one as well. Of course, it is an open source platform too, and you don’t have to pay to get this store on your android device. The store has a broad category of the apps that you surely must explore.

6. Opera Mobile Store

You might only know about the browser that the company Opera provides. But no, it has also launched its own app store for the Android platforms. It is the top-ranked and the best store as the alternative to the Google Play Store. You can also use the APK format apps with the help of the Opera store. The usage is pretty well-versed and comfortable. It is, of course, a free platform too.


We generally prefer having the Google Play store, when it comes to using the Android apps or probably the Android devices. But, not all the Android platforms are available with the Google Play Store. Hence, you can get these app stores instead of the Google Play store. Undoubtedly, Google Play store is the highly featured app, yet the alternatives mentioned above are a lucrative option too.