Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 30,380,035
    Confirmed: 30,380,035
    Active: 7,365,970
    Recovered: 22,062,915
    Death: 951,150
  • USA 6,875,103
    Confirmed: 6,875,103
    Active: 2,517,229
    Recovered: 4,155,655
    Death: 202,219
  • India 5,214,677
    Confirmed: 5,214,677
    Active: 1,017,722
    Recovered: 4,112,551
    Death: 84,404
  • Brazil 4,457,443
    Confirmed: 4,457,443
    Active: 569,330
    Recovered: 3,753,082
    Death: 135,031
  • Russia 1,091,186
    Confirmed: 1,091,186
    Active: 170,784
    Recovered: 901,207
    Death: 19,195
  • Peru 750,098
    Confirmed: 750,098
    Active: 124,439
    Recovered: 594,513
    Death: 31,146
  • Mexico 684,113
    Confirmed: 684,113
    Active: 123,518
    Recovered: 488,416
    Death: 72,179
  • South Africa 655,572
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 655,572
    Active: 54,497
    Recovered: 585,303
    Death: 15,772
  • Spain 625,651
    Confirmed: 625,651
    Active: 595,246
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 30,405
  • Chile 441,150
    Confirmed: 441,150
    Active: 15,080
    Recovered: 413,928
    Death: 12,142
  • Iran 416,198
    Confirmed: 416,198
    Active: 36,741
    Recovered: 355,505
    Death: 23,952
  • France 415,481
    Confirmed: 415,481
    Active: 293,546
    Recovered: 90,840
    Death: 31,095
  • UK 381,614
    Confirmed: 381,614
    Active: 339,909
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 41,705
  • Bangladesh 345,805
    Confirmed: 345,805
    Active: 88,589
    Recovered: 252,335
    Death: 4,881
  • Saudi Arabia 328,144
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 328,144
    Active: 16,538
    Recovered: 307,207
    Death: 4,399
  • Pakistan 304,386
    Confirmed: 304,386
    Active: 6,295
    Recovered: 291,683
    Death: 6,408
  • Turkey 298,039
    Confirmed: 298,039
    Active: 26,979
    Recovered: 263,745
    Death: 7,315
  • Italy 293,025
    Confirmed: 293,025
    Active: 41,413
    Recovered: 215,954
    Death: 35,658
  • Germany 269,298
    Confirmed: 269,298
    Active: 18,539
    Recovered: 241,300
    Death: 9,459
  • Canada 140,867
    Confirmed: 140,867
    Active: 8,558
    Recovered: 123,109
    Death: 9,200
  • Netherlands 88,073
    Confirmed: 88,073
    Active: 81,807
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,266
  • China 85,255
    Confirmed: 85,255
    Active: 165
    Recovered: 80,456
    Death: 4,634
  • Australia 26,861
    Confirmed: 26,861
    Active: 2,169
    Recovered: 23,855
    Death: 837
  • S. Korea 22,783
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 22,783
    Active: 2,635
    Recovered: 19,771
    Death: 377
  • New Zealand 1,809
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,809
    Active: 70
    Recovered: 1,714
    Death: 25

AT&T and Vodafone collaborates together for the automotive industry

Author at TechGenyz Business
Standing Luxury cars on the Street

AT&T and Vodafone are joining their hands together now for the automotive industry to accelerate the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and innovation. Both of these companies have years of expertise and experience when it comes to leading car solutions. By this collaboration what they propose to bring on the table is developed superior and consistent connected car solutions and experiences for customers. This joint collaboration will be helping out the automotive industries in counties such as North America, Europe, and Africa.

To build intricate yet effective connected car solutions across countries, automotive companies face many challenges owing to the different circumstances prevailed in different countries.

The market of a certain country is radically different than that of the other and therefore, each market has its own unique requirements and regulations. Consequently, it may become difficult for different automakers to work across multiple network operators and vendors, each with its own unique set of requirements. AT&T and Vodafone Business will largely look into these problems and try to simplify the deployment process, improve operations, deliver innovative solutions, and make the network certification process easier.

This alliance with Vodafone Business is a natural extension of our existing relationship. We each have rich experience in connected vehicle technology. By working together, we can innovate faster and help our global customers bring connectivity, entertainment, and telematics to more vehicles across our respective footprints. – Chris Penrose, the President, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T

The companies will be primarily looking at 5G and autonomous vehicle technology. V2X capabilities, In-vehicle entertainment, connected car applications and services, global service quality models, and connected car/smart cities intersection. Both AT&T and Vodafone have been working in this field to make the future of transportation and autonomous driving safe and stable.

Our work with AT&T will benefit automotive manufacturers and their customers around the world as we simplify processes and provide a consistent experience to accelerate IoT adoption in this fast-moving market. As technology complexity increases, this is the right time to make technology adoption easier for the automotive industry to help them achieve their business outcomes. This is the goal of this alliance. – Stefano Gastaut, the IoT Director, Vodafone Business

For example, AT&T and Vodafone are board members of the 5GAA to develop end-to-end solutions for future vehicular mobility and transportation services. Other than this, Vodafone is also testing the C-V2X in Germany, they have also opened up a 5G lab and test track, AT&T is a leading name in the American Center for Mobility, the company is also a founding member of Together for Safer Roads.