7 Most Significant Video Game Trends for This Year

2018 was the year of VR and AR, but what about 2019? How can we characterize the future of video games? Trends come and go, and each of them influences the sphere and users’ behavior. Read on to find out the most significant trends for this year.

Since video gaming is a significant part of the entertainment sphere, it represents massive changes regularly. Every year developers surprise us with new designs, technologies, and stories. And every year, we think that this is it – the gaming sphere has reached its top since we love wearing our gaming merchandise.

But, thank God, the sphere has, even more, to show and doesn’t standstill. Battle Royale, eSports, Angry Birds – the history of video games has never been so diverse. Anyone will find something matching his taste. And you know what? Everything will be even better because today’s trends speak for themselves! Let’s see the whole picture and get acquainted with 7 trends that will influence the future of gaming.

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Top 7 Trends Making an Impact on Video Games in Future

1. VR solutions

Virtual reality is one of the top-notch developments, although we’ve seen many tries to make it closer to us during the last decades. Developers offered us to buy special gloves, suites, and headsets. Nowadays, it’s one of the most impressive experiences because VR provides full gaming engagement. For example, you put on a headset and find yourself in a virtual store. You don’t have to use any control pads here; you turn your head to look around, pick up things with your own arms, and walk. The best video games let you dive into their world now.

2. AR gaming

Augmented reality games unite the real and virtual worlds together. Just remember Pokemon Go when all of us wanted to catch those creatures and had to run all over the city to complete the mission. In case popular video games are equipped with AR capabilities, we might get off our homes and spend more time in the open air.

3. Console pad upgrade

The lovers of classic video games will be excited to get the newest control consoles for Xbox and PlayStation. Although developers are more focused on smartphones and tablets, they will definitely perform a few improvements connected with joysticks. For example, VR solutions and streaming solutions are on their way!

4. Cryptocurrency purchases

Digital money is striking the world for the last few years, and game developers want to involve these assets in the sphere. This type of currency is not only popular but it’s also convenient for online purchases. Internet gambling operators already use bitcoins, and game developers also want to make digital money a “must-have” for the industry. Top online casinos in the UK already use cryptocurrencies and assure that this choice is rather comfortable for them and gamblers.

5. Compatibility with any device

Lovers of top video games like World of Tanks appreciate it for the chance to play in groups and participate in tournaments. Now, they can enjoy such entertainment on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Of course, a big screen makes the difference, and you can play more dynamically. But smaller ones are more comfortable because you can join your team while you’re on your way to the office, for example. Developers expand the gaming possibilities and it’s great.

6. Indie developers

Once the World of Goo is booming for the last few years, it became clear that small dev studios have what to show to the world. It’s like fresh blood in the sea of huge corporations conquering in the industry. Indie companies are focused on their customers and they want to create something totally different. That’s why they become popular and can strike the market with something innovative in the future. Independent firms are more likely to perform new video games that will differ from the mainstream. Moreover, more online stores for such studios will appear because unique products may be lost among the projects represented by serious corporations.

7. The development of multiplayer

Finally, this moment has come! Developers will pay more attention to the characters in games that have the function of a multiplayer. You can play in a team or against everybody but your features will be essentially advanced. For example, someone can choose to be a magician and someone can choose the role of a soldier. Now, a video game will provide you with more distinguishing characteristics to improve the experience.

Final Words

Since playing video games is an integral option of our lives, it’s obvious that new trends are on their way. VR, AR, independent companies, upgraded multiplayer, and bitcoins are only on the top of the iceberg. Which trends will influence the gaming sphere in the Future? Share your opinion with us!

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